Here’s Why You Should Never Google a Headache!

At least the internet weighs much less!

At least the internet weighs much less!

I can never decide which I should write first — my obituary, my will, or my eulogy — after I google my current physical symptoms.  If you relate at all to that statement, please visit my short piece on the topic. I would be grateful for any comments left there as well because this is a new writing job for me and it’s hard to be funny about a wrist device that monitors breathing. And now my plug – – CLICK HERE to see my latest piece for this company called SPIRE, a great way to relax and de-stress! Okay, un-plugging now. . .

Thank you,

Little Miss Menopause

10 thoughts on “Here’s Why You Should Never Google a Headache!

  1. So many headaches. SOB causes headaches too. By the way that’s shortness of breath NOT the derogatory term you’ve used for that pesky neighbor. If you really want a good lasting headache continue with Aspirin. Medical studies have shown Aspirin use increases the chance of a stroke by 400%.
    Funny article at Spire. You take my breath away, perhaps I should get one of those devices.


  2. I read the article but am having a hard time commenting through the iPhone. Hopefully will have a chance to comment later but, as usual, applaud your brilliance. Not sure why you’re still with the hypochondria. I thought you made peace with that after doing the BOGO on the headstones.


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