Where’s Little Miss Menopause??

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 THE HUFFINGTON POST (How NOT To Get a Literary Agent in 20 Simple Steps!)

SITS GIRLS:  If You’re a Blogger, You Need These Tips!


AISH: JEWLARIOUS: Golda and Tevye Seek Marriage Counseling!


AISH: JEWLARIOUS: Forget Pokémon Go!

BONBON BREAK:  How To Foster a Teen Girl’s Self-Esteem

SITS GIRLS:  Must You Be Sneaky To Become a Successful Blogger?

SCARY MOMMY: What Happened When I Found My Daughter’s Cellphone

SCARY MOMMY: 10 Ways Mothers Are The Best Saleswomen

ALL THINGS MENOPAUSE: T’was The Night Before Menopause!

AISH: JEWLARIOUS  13 New Jewish Barbies!

SPIRE Can’t Help Falling In Love With You (Dating Your Fitness Tracker?)

SPIRE Do You Have What It Takes To Be a Meditation Leader?

SPIRE Can Valentine’s Day Live Up To The Hype?

Mommikin (Inventions That Would Get Me On Shark Tank!)

MomBabble (I’m a BabyBook Slacker . . . So Sue Me!)

XO Jane (My Crime Was Dating After My Divorce!)

XO Jane  (Having Large Breasts Nearly Ruined My Life!)

Ripped Jeans & Bifocals  (Confessions Of A Snoopaholic)

Mrs. MuffinTop  (What Goes On In The Mind of a Hacker??)

In The Powder Room  (10 Sexy April Fool’s Day Pranks!)

The Huffington Post (What Goes On In Your Underwear Drawer When You’re Gone)

Say It With A Bang!  (Guess Who?)

Ten To Twenty Parenting  (I’m Fifty – – Can’t I Get One Sexy Texty?)

Idea For Today (Sneaky Tips To Become A Popular Blogger)

Better After 50  (10 Tips For Your Teenage Driver That You’d Never Think Of)

Midlife Boulevard  (Nursery Rhymes Redone For “Our Age”)

BLUNTmoms  (Is This Stuff Really Sexy Foreplay??)

Lose The Cape  (10 Ways To Make Your Children Nutty!)

Erma Bombeck   (Lessons I Learned While Playing Clue!)

Mrs. MuffinTop   (The Hormone Zone!)

Better After 50  (T’was The Night Before Menopause!)

BLUNTmoms (I’m Driven To Dress Up!)

In The Powder Room (Menopausal Mania Quiz Series)

Lockerdome (12 Zany Uses For Smartphone Cameras!)

Huffington Post (How Leaving Or Being Left Changes Divorce)

Say It With A Bang! (Self-Help Wanted)

Little Miss Menopause was interviewed!

AlterNet  (How to Guarantee Your Kids Get Into Therapy)

Huffington Post (Sneaky Ways to Find Out if You Know Your Significant Other)

BlogHer  (Aren’t You Too Old to Say ‘My Bad?’)

Huffington Post (How To Get the Kind of Engagement Ring Someone Like YOU Deserves!)

Midlife Boulevard (Menopause Cafe:  Would You Like a Side of Heatballs With Your Menopasta?)

Midlife Boulevard (Fashion & Football, Can They Mix?)

Erma Bombeck Writer’s Workshop (Ration Your Fashion Compassion!)

Project Underblog (The Doctor is In, But I’m Out . . . Of My Mind!)

Huffington Post Parents (The Happiest Place on Earth Depresses this Mom!)

One Cool Site  (Confessions of a Compulsive Commenter!)

Huffington Post (Forget the Movie Her, I’ve Got Something Better!)

Huffington Post Comedy (I’m Suing Disney Studios!)

Huffington Post Divorce (Men At Work:  Never Date These Guys!)

6 thoughts on “Where’s Little Miss Menopause??

  1. Impressive list here.
    I’m thinking of doing one of these. Have a number of guest posts and interviews I can include and a few articles featured on a range of different sites.
    I hope to check off reading all of these because I enjoy your humour and insights.


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