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Little Miss Menopause took some seeds of truth from real life and planted a garden of wild & crazy. Marriage, Motherhood, Mayhem, Mirth & Madness, emphasis on the latter.  Click HERE for reviews and more!

5 thoughts on “My Novel

    • You’re a sweetheart, thank you! It was crazy what they said about me and the author of that article was since fired and sued for slander (she wrote more untruths about someone famous!) but alls well that ends well and I enjoy writing humor now instead. Drop me a line and let me know what you think of my book when you’re done–it’s loosely based on reality but please don’t think I actually did some of the stuff the main character did!! Lol. All my close friends suddenly got very suspicious of me after reading it! Ha.

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  2. This was quite a journey. Truly enjoyed the book and in fact have read it more than once. Your gift with words sure makes it all come to life.


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