Who’s Reading This Quirkiness?

Blogs Work Both Ways!

(Please be as sane or silly as you dare when you leave your answers in the comments)


  • Can you tolerate gluten and lactose? What about nut allergies?

  • Where do you call home?

  • Hard floors or carpet?

  • What’s your main goal for Blogging?

  • Favorite comic?  (not the books you may have read as a kid.  A person who makes you laugh standing up at a microphone or on television if you can’t stand smokey clubs!)

  • Leave the link of the post your most proud of:

  • Favorite slang expression? (“Like whatever” it is, “no worries” about posting it here!

  • Something You don’t want me or anyone else to know about you. (Yeah, don’t think about this question for too long.)

  • How many hours of sleep do you currently get at night?

  • Leave the name (or link) of your favorite blogger:

  • Where were you when 911 occurred?

  • What was your most creative/innovative Halloween costume?

  • Three Adjectives to describe your blog?

46 thoughts on “Who’s Reading This Quirkiness?

  1. Hi, I snagged this questionnaire for my blog too. I hope you don’t mind – it really is a great idea. I did admit to everyone this is where I got it from and provided a link to your blog so they can come visit to read some of this amazing stuff you write…maybe they will follow you too. 😉 It is only fair that I fill these questions out for you (I already answered them on my page) hoping to prime the pump as it were and get people to start answering too. LOL

    Here goes:

    Gluten, lactose and nuts are all fine with me. My body isn’t sensitive to much of anything – probably thanks to my sturdy Scottish heritage. 😉

    I call North Bay, Ontario Canada home now….I have lived in a few cities but this one has been my home for the last 12 1/2 years. It is where I live with my second (and final) husband. My two sons are grown and living in other cities.

    I like the softness and warmth of carpets but they are a pain in the butt to have to vacuum all the time. Ugh, can’t I like both?

    My main goal for blogging is to put my thoughts down in writing as often as I can, I am aiming for once a day, but haven’t been able to stick with that plan yet. This is kind of an online journal if you like where I prattle on about things that happen in my life with the hope that someone else out there in cyberspace can relate and comments back to me about what that post meant to them. Phew that was a long sentence! I will try not to do that too much. Promise. =)

    My favorite comic is a tie really…there is Jeff Dunham the ventriloquist who has the most outrageous people in trunks. Seriously check his stuff out sometime…it is FUNNY. The other comic that just cracks me up is Gabriel Iglasias. I hope I spelled that right. I just watch him and don’t write his name that often. LOL He has the craziest routines and can do voices. The drive thru bit is what makes me laugh every time I hear it. Do yourself a favor and You Tube these guys…you are going to thank me. 😉 You’re welcome! =)

    I haven’t done that many posts yet but this one is the one I am most proud of


    Favorite slang expression? No problemo.

    Something I don’t want you or anyone else to know about me : I can’t seem to finish anything…I go great guns at the beginning of a project then peter out before it is done. *sigh* That makes me feel like such a loser. =( Since you can’t really FINISH a blog I should be all good for this. 😉

    Currently I am logging about 5 or 6 hours a night. I read a book until 3 or 4 in the morning and am usually up around 10 a.m. Some days I actually sleep until 11:30 or noon but that is rare.

    I haven’t read a lot of blogs yet (just getting into blogs myself) but if I had to pick a favorite I would have to say the blogger I got this questionnaire idea from. Once Upon Your Prime (The Home Of Little Miss Menopause) …ppsstt you’re here…hehehe.

    When the whole 911 thing happened I was in my living room folding laundry with the tv on listening to the news of all things. I put the tv on to keep my mind occupied while I do a mindless task like folding clothes or doing dishes.

    My most creative/innovative Halloween costume has to be my gypsy outfit I put together with clothes from the second hand store for cheap…it really worked – I got a lot of candy that year. I was 12 then and used my babysitting money.

    Three adjectives that describe my blog are; heartfelt, honest, interesting.

    Done! Did I do okay teach? Is there going to be a test LMAO =) This was a cool list of questions to think about and answer.


    • Wow! Are you thorough or what?! Love it! And cracking up at the drive-thru routine…. Thanks for pointing me in that direction! I really liked all your answers (and flattered you are using survey for your blog too!) but the best part was how you referred to your spouse as the final husband. Yay!! Keep blogging, you’ll love the process! Stephanie

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      • Thanks Stephanie =) I am so glad you answered as you did (I would have taken it down off my blog if you had any issue at all with me using it). 😉 . I tried to blog a little today but I did not have much time and hope to have another post up tomorrow or the next day. I am itching to get back to it if only life would leave me alone for a few minutes. Aaarrgghh!!. It is frustrating some days trying to carve out time for everything but I will get back to it. I am determined. Thanks for the encouragement. =)


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  3. This is so great. I am definitely copying this idea off of you.
    I like to do interviews on my blog, for this very reason, to get to know what makes a person tick.
    Three adjectives for my blog: reflective, nostalgic, curious.
    My favourite post:
    I prefer carpet. The hard wood floors in my house are awful.
    My favourite comedian is Conan. Just love his witty and crazy style.
    My main objective for my blog and blogging in general is to express the ideas and thoughts that are constantly swirling around in my brain.
    A favourite blogger of mine (so hard to choose):
    On September 11th, 2001 I was waking up late for school, then spending most of the morning listening to the radio in class. I was in 12th grade.


  4. Just found you…so I’ll add to your replies…I may have to steal this idea as well…if that’s ok…

    I can tolerate gluten & lactose when they behave…can’t help it if nuts are allergic to me

    Colorado is where my heart is and my body will be in 2 years!

    Carpets on hard floors??? Stumper

    A space to have future business find me

    Anjelah Johnson is hilarious…”I will cuutttt yyouuuuuuuuuu” and “hey, DAWANE” are favs


    Dag is NJ slang for damn, darn, shoot (I’ve had to explain this before)

    Don’t tell anyone…but I hate time…don’t have enough, can’t seem to manage it, surely can’t appropriately manage it!

    8 if I’m lucky…3 if the Iditarod Race is on…which it is…right now…

    Just started looking through blogs…you’re high on the list right now!

    911 At my sister’s house, dog sitting while I was on vacation. I’ll never forget screaming at Katie and Matt to shut up, and turn around, the tower was falling! They were just yacky, yak, not even looking at their prompters…never forget my frustration with them in that moment…ever

    Dressing as a witch…most people thought it was lame…because they knew me…I always thought what they called me started with a B

    New, positive, soon to be informational


    • Hi there! You absolutely can steal this idea! And you found a typo where nobody else did…. Hard floors on carpets. Gonna fix that. I would love to move to Colorado!!! Welcome to the blogosphere… How did you find my blog, just curious? Gonna head to your links now and so nice to “meet you.” Stephanie

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      • homework assignment…doing the blogging 101 course and I’ve been so all over the place…I can’t remember how I found you…I’ll blame that on menopause!


  5. Can you tolerate gluten and lactose? What about nut allergies?
    Yes I can tolerate gluten and lactose; do not have a nut allergy,but really can’t BEAR pistachios, Yuck!

    Where do you call home? Good old England is my home.

    Hard floors or carpet ? Depends what room, Carpet for sitting room, bedroom, but hard floors for bathrooms and kitchen (nobody likes walking on soggy carpets)!

    What’s your main goal for Blogging? Would love to make people smile. God, that sounds cheesy!,,,um.. to bring a bit of silliness to people’s lives.

    Favorite comic? (not the books you may have read as a kid. A person who makes you laugh standing up at a microphone or on television if you can’t stand smokey clubs!) I love Michael McIntyre, and his observational humour,,,hilarious.

    Leave the link of the post your most proud of:http://edwinasepisodes.com/2014/10/31/episode-30-halloween-hiccups/ well this one got the most comments, so it gets the link!

    Favorite slang expression? (“Like whatever” it is, “no worries” about posting it here! “rat-arsed” , or “minging”

    Something You don’t want me or anyone else to know about you. (Yeah, don’t think about this question for too long.) My hair is not my natural colour!!!

    How many hours of sleep do you currently get at night? 8 and its STILL not enough!

    Leave the name (or link) of your favorite blogger: I have a few actually but will name 2 for now,,,, fillyourownglass and storytimewithjohn.

    Where were you when 911 occurred? Working in an office, We all stood round the IT guy’s computer watching the awful events unfold.

    What was your most creative/innovative Halloween costume? I am not a creative person so have to buy shop bought costumes!!!

    Three Adjectives to describe your blog? Silly honest, funny (I hope)


  6. LOVE this idea! Hmm, here goes…
    Can you tolerate gluten and lactose? What about nut allergies?
    Gluten, lactose, and all nuts are welcomed, frequently.

    Where do you call home?
    NY, NY

    Hard floors or carpet?
    Hard floors.

    What’s your main goal for Blogging?
    I’m practicing to be a person. And it keeps me writing through the suckage of writing and subbing fiction.

    Favorite comic? (not the books you may have read as a kid. A person who makes you laugh standing up at a microphone or on television if you can’t stand smokey clubs!)
    Hmmm. Bill Maher, probably.

    Leave the link of the post your most proud of:
    I think http://mrsfringe.wordpress.com/2013/01/25/plucked-tucked-and-fucked/ but I actually have a whole page of favorites, http://mrsfringe.wordpress.com/favorites/
    Favorite slang expression? (“Like whatever” it is, “no worries” about posting it here!

    Something You don’t want me or anyone else to know about you. (Yeah, don’t think about this question for too long.)
    I’m excellent at keeping secrets.

    How many hours of sleep do you currently get at night?

    Leave the name (or link) of your favorite blogger:
    I really, really can’t decide. I have an eclectic list I follow.

    Where were you when 911 occurred?
    In a coffee shop, entering a nightmare. I am a New Yorker.

    What was your most creative/innovative Halloween costume?
    Mother Nature.

    Three Adjectives to describe your blog?
    Eclectic, welcoming, blabberfingers. *warning, potty mouthed should be on the list for any who are sensitive.

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  7. Can you tolerate gluten and lactose? What about nut allergies? Gluten and Lactose, didn’t they sing with the Nut Allergies in the Sixties?
    Where do you call home? Not sure. E. T. keeps calling me to come home.
    Hard floors or carpet? Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays I am in to carpets. The other days it’s Hard floors.
    What’s your main goal for Blogging? To practice my insanity. As soon as I get good at it, I will bottle it and sell it on the internet.
    Favorite comic? (not the books you may have read as a kid. A person who makes you laugh standing up at a microphone or on television if you can’t stand smokey clubs!) This is like potato chips. I can’t choose just one. Richard Pryor, Monty Python, Groucho Marx among others.
    Leave the link of the post your most proud of: http://unclebardie.wordpress.com/2014/07/06/everything-i-know-about-women/
    Favorite slang expression? (“Like whatever” it is, “no worries” about posting it here! Homey don’t do that.
    Something You don’t want me or anyone else to know about you. (Yeah, don’t think about this question for too long.) There are so many. Okay, here’s one. I went through puberty twice.
    How many hours of sleep do you currently get at night? I only sleep in the daytime.
    Leave the name (or link) of your favorite blogger: I would have a hard time choosing. I love all the blogs I follow. But here’s a recent one: http://robyngrahamphotography.com/
    Where were you when 911 occurred? Getting ready for work.
    What was your most creative/innovative Halloween costume? I am a Halloween costume.
    Three Adjectives to describe your blog? Entertaining, Funny, Creative.

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    • Ha! You’re a riot. And I just went to the Everything you know about Women link and see that you know Maggie, too. She’s my fave! Is that how you found me? And do you really only sleep in the daytime….hmmmmm…..I shudder to think what kinds of mischief you’re into after sunset! 😉 Thanks so much for visiting, filling this out and following me!

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  8. Can you tolerate gluten and lactose? What about nut allergies?
    The bell pepper is my nemesis. It can put me into a yoga-esque, bent-double scissors pose with a shrug of its intoxicatingly scented shoulder.

    Where do you call home?
    The third rock from the sun is my home, but I’m open to offers from other Class M planets.

    Hard floors or carpet?
    Yes and yes. Let’s mix it up.

    What’s your main goal for Blogging?
    To keep working with words until I invent one as ridiculous as “blogging.”

    Favorite comic?
    As soon as I get a favourite comic, he or she moves on to so-called bigger things in the entertainment industry. Think what happened to Louie Anderson and Ellen Degeneres and beyond. We lose comics to sitcoms and game shows and talk shows. Oh my!

    Leave the link of the post your most proud of:
    Perhaps, it should be my Grammar Nazi post (“you’re,” by the way), but here’s the one that offended the most people: http://gardenjoysandwoes.wordpress.com/2014/06/13/Guys-and-Gals/

    Favorite slang expression?
    Seriously? Seriously!

    Something You don’t want me or anyone else to know about you.
    Yesterday, I decided to get young and listened to my first ever Justin Bieber song, All That Matters. On the grounds it may incriminate me, I refuse to report my reaction.

    How many hours of sleep do you currently get at night?
    Sleep is for wimps! (I try to get at least 7 hours a night.)

    Leave the name (or link) of your favorite blogger:
    This is a trick question. I either insult the owner of this blog by naming a third party, or I look like I’m currying favour by naming Little Miss Menopause, or I abandon my carefully constructed façade of humility and name myself. Lose, lose, lose.

    Where were you when 911 occurred?
    On the third rock from the sun, but I’m open to offers from peace-loving Class M planets.

    What was your most creative/innovative Halloween costume?
    All credit to my artistic mother who inked a human skeleton onto a white sheet, and I skimmed around the neighbourhood as a skeletal ghost.

    Three Adjectives to describe your blog?
    Here’s one adverb that about covers it: Seriously?

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    • “There is a remote chance that your grown offspring will visit you and bring along only armloads of squash, not grandchildren.”

      OMG – – I am dying here! You are such a crack-up. And I’m honored you took the time to fill out all these crazy inquiries. Carpet vs hard-floor, indeed. What looney-tune asks such a thing? Anyhow, this is as good a chance as any to express my gratitude for being such a supportive follower and my bewilderment that I have not been following you. I could have sworn when I first saw your clever comments, I had clicked the subscribe button? Remedying that this very second. Also just explored your other website, Speaking Wins! and I am thoroughly impressed. You are like the Kommunication King!

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  9. 1. I can’t say. I don’t keep up with the young hip acts. Are they musicians or comedians?
    I liked Martin and Lewis and Hope and Crosby but I don’t know about those two.
    Nut allergies? What I want to know is, what compelled researchers to discover nuts have allergies?
    2. The place I live.
    3. World domination of course. But I’d settle for a free cup of coffee somewhere.
    4. Brian Regan with Jim Gaffigan a close second.
    5. Of everything I’ve written and put out here so far this has received the least reaction. http://tombalistreri.wordpress.com/2014/07/12/the-sad-party-clown/
    No one seems to find it amusing but me. But I still laugh when I read it. (I crack myself up.)
    6. “Are you done eating this?’
    7. Around 7…but not in a row.
    8. Currently that would be you.
    9. I refuse to answer because it would spoil the mood of my otherwise delusional attempts to witty.
    10. My homemade costumes always left people guessing what I was supposed to be.
    11. Desperate, Throwback, Schizophrenic.

    I enjoy your work.

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    • I was at a blogging conference when you posted this so I couldn’t properly comment, but you’re funny. You should post more humor. And oh my but your three adjectives (to describe your own blog) are compelling. And for what it’s worth, while I was walking my dog, I laughed at the one line (sneezed on the cake!!) in your “sad party clown” piece so loud that my neighbor looked at me oddly. She needed a brow lift anyhow! Thanks for filling this out, Tom

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  10. Gluten: God, I hope not. Bread is the staff of life. No intolerances or allergies.
    Home is Stafford, Virginia
    We have carpet and hardwood, I prefer hardwood. My husband is winning.
    To share with anyone who might be interested..
    Mike Rowe the Dirty Jobs guy.
    Well, I’ve just started blogging, but here it is http://blazingskyjewelry.wordpress.com/2014/04/13/another-non-jewelry-post/
    Wicked as in “wicked good”, “wicked awesome”
    I was asked to resign from a job once. Their reason was legit, I’m ashamed to say. But I am not sharing more.
    7 hours per night.
    Young House Love
    At work, watching in real time from the time immediately following the 2nd plane flying into the tower.
    I made a Funshine Care Bear for my son-the whole thing including a giant stuffed head. I told him he had to wear it till he was 25. He hasn’t had to wear it for the past 7 years. 😉
    informative, interesting to both jewelry people and non jewelry people, picturesque

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  11. 1. Gluten-I choose not to for sensitivity reasons. Lactose tolerance is much better since giving up aforementioned gluten. Yay, ice cream! Nuts are great.
    2. Though I CALL Brooklyn NY home, I live in Putnam County :/
    3. Hard floors all the way. Carpets house bugs. Ew.
    4. To keep myself creative and SANE (maybe I’ll even get published someday(?)
    5. Toss-up between Jim Jeffries, Dane Cook and John Leguizamo.
    6. This: http://wp.me/p4eZuF-6U or, perhaps this: http://wp.me/p4eZuF-eL
    7. “Fuckwad!”
    8. I feel secretly guilty for unflattering descriptions of coworkers featured in my posts.
    9. Usually not more than 7
    10. Aussa Lorens – Hacker/Ninja/Hooker/Spy
    11. I was on the west side of lower Manhattan watching the whole thing from the mailroom window of my job. Tough day…
    12. Kabuki – from the David Mack comic. Geisha dress and scar makeup
    13. Snarky, angry, ha-ha

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  12. Well since you asked. 😉
    1. Can you tolerate gluten and lactose? What about nut allergies?
    I have no allergies… that I know of.
    2. Where do you call home?
    My family’s beach house. I grew up there, something about coastal living is just completely freeing.
    3. Hard floors or carpet?
    I like it hard 😛
    4. What’s your main goal for Blogging?
    I just needed to have a place to share my thoughts and express my untamed wittiness.
    5. Favorite comic?
    Hmmm… I’m going to go with Kevin Hart. The last time I watched a video of his I was crying because he was so funny.
    6. Leave the link of the post your most proud of:
    Well I feel as if I’m still new to this whole blogging thing. I post a lot of pictures and things I find interesting and funny, but I feel like this post may be the most influential thing I’ve shared. http://mgrace58.wordpress.com/2014/04/22/how-you-lose-her/
    7. Favorite slang expression?
    I say “cool beans” and “okie dokie” a lot.
    8. How many hours of sleep do you currently get at night?
    Meh, about 8 or 9… most nights. 😉
    9. Leave the name (or link) of your favorite blogger:
    Ha! Trick question. It’s you duh!!! Okay I love Chesi’s blog. She’s amazing and so much fun: http://thatmakeupish.wordpress.com/
    10. Where were you when 911 occurred?
    I was sitting in my middle school class room. I remember being confused because we were not allowed to go outside for recess that day.
    11. What was your most creative/innovative Halloween costume?
    I think I am going to go with the outfit I wore when I was 5 years old. I was a pot of honey, from Winnie The Pooh, and when I was asked why I wanted to be that I replied, “Because I’m sweeeeet!!!”
    12. Three Adjectives to describe your blog?
    um…hmm… lets go with stupendous, awesome, and exuberant.

    So yeah… Cool beans!


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    • Anyone who cites Winnie the Pooh as her most innovative costume and states, “I like it hard” all in the same comment is simply MY type of follower. So glad you’ve stuck it out with me this long, Michelle. Cool beans – – Tepid carrots!
      ps. Checked out your “How You Lose Her” post and found it quite profound. Anyone else reading this comment, visit MGrace58 (click on her name above)- – her entire blog, but that post in particular. It will ring true with each sentence.

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      • You’re MY type of blogger. 😀 I really do love your posts I think they are wonderfully funny and true. Really, I haven’t read one that hasn’t made me smile or laugh. Thank you so much and cheers to you!

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  13. You quirky female..thought to check you out(No, not that way!)

    1. Can you tolerate gluten and lactose? What about nut allergies?
    I tolerate everything. I’ve got like a super belly

    2.Where do you call home?
    Anywhere with sliced bread, a sofa, no rats, cockroaches and mosquitoes, warm weather, and good movies is paradise….and paradise is home.

    3.Hard floors or carpet?
    Hard floors, especially after cleaning and it’s really cool. You can hardly make out on carpets without friction.

    4.What’s your main goal for Blogging?
    Was a random decision actually borne out of innate randomness in my life.

    5.Favorite comic? (not the books you may have read as a kid. A person who makes you laugh standing up at a microphone or on television if you can’t stand smokey clubs!)
    I have to think about this, but Nigeria’s Basket Mouth does come to mind.

    6.Leave the link of the post your most proud of:
    Now you’ll make me shy *hides face* OK, i like this one because it’s weird and almost made me puke writing http://pathsonwater.wordpress.com/2014/03/19/10-bizarre-animal-mating-rituals/

    7.Favorite slang expression? (“Like whatever” it is, “no worries” about posting it here!
    “Yeah right” like i’m gonna do that.

    8.Something You don’t want me or anyone else to know about you. (Yeah, don’t think about this question for too long.)
    Wait, are you trying to use juju on me? Move over, lady!

    9.How many hours of sleep do you currently get at night?
    Say, 4-5 hours not counting the endless tossing, and those obscure moments of sleepwalking….wait. Get your juju hands off me! pls don’t tell anyone about the sleepwalk.

    10.Leave the name (or link) of your favorite blogger:
    Helena Hann-Basquiat

    11.Where were you when 911 occurred?
    Home–Nigeria, still basking in the euphoria of an awesome birthday celebration 😦

    12.What was your most creative/innovative Halloween costume?
    We don’t all celebrate that you know….but if we did, it would probably be a cross between Dracula, Baphomet and a Malificent.

    13.Three Adjectives to describe your blog?
    What’s an adjective? Kidding. uhgh i’d say it’s a mangled, jumbled, beautiful blog!

    There, i look forward to that Tennis match 🙂

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    • Dear Super Belly – – You are just adorable! I just discovered this response of yours now. I really should fix that Halloween question, shouldn’t I? A Malificent fan too! I’m going to head over to your Blog immediately if not sooner to see how mangled and jumbled it really is. I KNOW it’s gonna be beautiful and I’m gonna love it. I’ve got a sixth sense about you, due to the way you answered #7 and #8. 😉 ps. That was quite a serve you have!

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  14. This is another excellent post, got me going…
    1. Could not possibly be allergic to nuts, I am one…my grandies sing )this ditty…’Nana is a nut, hey ho the diddly o, Nana is a nut ( I taught them to sing it ready for my funeral at the ripe old age of 190 ( had to tell them that age so they wouldn’t get frightened.
    2. At my desk doing art
    3. Hard as nails (how I would like to be sometimes)
    4. It is another avenue to talk…well yes, strictly speaking its writing but I never shut up which ever way you look at it. My Mother used to say The Dr. injected me with a gramma phone needle (I am that old).
    5. I don’t usually like stand up comics but after reading you FAQ page I would have to say you if you did that kind of thing…and I am being serious.
    6. Pass
    7. Fuck Off… It is rare, very rare but when I lose the plot that carries the strength to calm me down.
    8.I love being divorced…oh, sorry, everyone knows that.
    9. Three hours at a time then toilet breaks, wiggly legs, too much thinking..May five at a push.
    10.can I be a hog and put two ( I could 100 🙂
    letscutthecrap.wordpress.com and araneus1.wordpress.com
    11. Home
    12. Face painting. It was shocking…in more ways than one. At least NO-ONE else had it…

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    • Wow!! You sure do things in reverse, doncha? I’ve only been blogging since January but most just people read my main blog (all fifty or so of the humor pieces) and never even notice my “other pages,” let alone answer these questions. Yay for you!!! I love how you responded here. And especially your number 8. I am twice divorced and I treasure living alone now. It’s serenity, isn’t it? But oh modest one, RandomRose, you passed on leaving me the link you’re most proud of. I shall have to discover for myself, then? Sounds good to me! Thank you again for taking the time with this page!

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  15. 1. I can tolerate lactose; sadly as a child it was believed I was allergic to gluten, which made birthday parties (with the cookies, cupcakes, and cake) torturous. Thanks for reminding me! ☺

    No nut allergies, but my father is deathly allergic to walnuts and other various nuts but not peanuts because, as I’m sure you know, they aren’t nuts, but legumes.

    2. I usually call home when I’m near the telephone, but I’ve also been known to shout across the street.

    3. Both, with lots of food stains and paint stains and other kinds of stains spread throughout. Want to visit?

    4. To finely have an audience for my writing, and to become part of a supportive, nurturing, and honest circle of awesomely creative people (goal achieved!). And, to, you know, maybe one day get published (and make whole TENS of dollars writing!).

    5. Kathy Griffin (LOVE her, although, in all honesty, ever since she started dating that 30-year-old her work has gone a bit downhill); Wyatt Cenac –so, so, so funny; John Oliver –love the accent, and the humor is killer; Tig Notaro –weird, quirky, hilarious, made cancer funny; lastly, Amy Schumer –a little on the vulgar side at times, but I think she’s still coming into her own.

    6. ‘Bringing Sophie Home’ http://jmgajda.com/essays/bringing-sophie-home/

    7. Cray cray (for crazy). As in, “OMG, did you see what Oprah said about Lilo? That girl is cray cray!” I blame my 11-year-old.

    8. I’m still a little bit in love with one of my ex-boyfriends (don’t tell my husband!)

    9. Clearly NOT enough (see #8)

    10. Well, that would be unfair because there are several really amazing bloggers and I don’t want anyone to feel slighted (but I will say that one of my favorite bloggers likes heart-shaped sunglasses!)

    11. Wow, ok, a serious question. I was at my then boyfriend’s house sleeping when the first plane hit. His mother called us to wake us up and tell us what was going on. At the time I lived near DC and as he was driving me home we felt a shudder go through everything, the car we were in, everything. It was the plane hitting the Pentagon. Some of the people in that plane were members of my Mom’s church. I just remember frantically trying to get ahold of friends and family in New York City. It was quite the day, to put it mildly.

    12. None that I can describe in detail on a public site. Suffice to say, they were all in my early twenties, they were all self made, and they all began with the word ‘Naughty’ (but not so naughty that I wasn’t appropriately covered!).

    13. Passionate, Intelligent (according to my husband), and Purple (one of my favorite colors!)

    ps. [whispering] seriously, don’t tell my husband 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Okay, finally a better reply. You cracked me up with some of these answers. And your Halloween costumes all began with the word “Naughty?!” lol. I love that word. But it’s so funny because truly bad girls never say the word, “Naughty.” So are we talking French Maids here or ? From the sound of your answer to number three, I don’t think we’re talking any kind of maid! And yes, I wanna visit. We already established that much. I’ll have to check out some of your fave comics. I don’t know any except Kathy Griffin whom I also adore. So, do you feel you’re achieving your goals for having a blog? You’ve been here all of what now, three weeks? And the thing we’re not supposed to breathe a word to your husband about. Can you just be a little of it? Or is that like being a little pregnant or a little bit of a virgin? Anyhow, I think it’s quite common to feel that way, if you’re being serious that is – – especially if he’s from long ago like when your journals are from? And as far as your three adjectives are concerned, I would definitely agree with them, except instead of Purple (since that’s not something you’ve actually created. Or maybe it is – – did you invent purple? 😉 I would add the adjective Perceptive. I find your writing highly intuitive, almost like you’ve got a sixth sense for delving deeply into people and issues and pain.

      Liked by 1 person

  16. Haha, so many misunderstandings! That’s hilarious.
    1) I can’t believe I sucked at another vacuum opportunity. Guess I grabbed the broom and just swept right past it.
    2) So many good comedians out there – I guess this is the better word 🙂 Hmm it’s a toss up between Kevin Hart and Jay Pharoah from SNL. Right now anyway.
    3) Mom doesn’t really hate my guts. Unless I whine. Because I sound like her when I do.
    4) Ha, I guess posting a link back to your own blog was a sneaky compliment – it really is the most enjoyable page on my dashboard right now! I read the Bloscars earlier and went “well crap. My page isn’t even 2 weeks old yet, how can I compete with everyone else?!”
    5) “Just a blog” – I don’t remember my thought process there. I’m terrible at coming up with adjectives for anything ever. Don’t slap me though! *blocks self*


  17. Eh. Just for the heck of it…okay.

    1) Can you tolerate gluten and lactose? What about nut allergies?
    -No food allergies/stipulations I’m aware of, but I just don’t like nuts. Except cashews. They are God’s gift to us for having to deal with federal taxes.

    2) Where do you call home?
    Even when I’ve lived away from my parents, I still consider their house home. Well, my family in general = home.

    3) Hard floors or carpet?
    It’s scarier to vacuum hard floors. So I guess carpet.

    4) What’s your main goal for Blogging?
    To annoy everyone with needless facts about myself, my creativity, and blasting movies they thought were entertaining popcorn movies. …okay, not to annoy them. I really am trying to just express myself/be cathartic. But if they liked ‘Love Don’t Cost a Thing’, we just can’t be friends.

    5) Favorite comic?

    6) Leave the link of the post your most proud of:
    So far, since I just started, I’m really enjoying the movie reviews since it’s something I’ve wanted to do for some months now as a new hobby. I’ve always been very fascinated/entertained by other online movie critics, so starting my own thing has been fun so far. Right now, I can’t pick one, so here’s a link to the page (I’ve done 5 so far) http://bkblack28.wordpress.com/category/movie-reviews/

    7) Favorite slang expression?
    Yo’ mama!
    (I don’t actually mean someone’s mother when I say it. It’s my “screw you, this conversation is over because I lost! and I’m upset!” And i only use it around my family. Including my mother, who hates my guts.)

    8) Something You don’t want me or anyone else to know about you. (Yeah, don’t think about this question for too long.)
    One time I screwed up the lyrics to the National Anthem. In public. By myself. …as a junior in high school.

    9) How many hours of sleep do you currently get at night?
    What’s a sleep?

    10) Leave the name (or link) of your favorite blogger:
    So far it’s https://thequotegal.wordpress.com/ right now. Got some good laughs from the ‘Her’ parody.

    11) Where were you when 911 occurred?
    In middle school, annoyed that all of a sudden we couldn’t go outside for recess with no immediate explanation.
    Then, 3 days later, someone smoked & caught the bathroom on fire, and everyone thought pre-911 things were going on, so when my mom came to the school to bring me something, a secretary went all paranoid & yelled at her to take me out of the school to safety.

    12) What was your most creative/innovative Halloween costume?
    Dressing up as a friend of mine in college. I borrowed a trombone, bought the hat he always wore, painted on facial hair, and wandered around talking about how awesome I was. My other friend dressed up as his GF, complete with freckles & a stuffed shirt. Good times.

    13) Three Adjectives to describe your blog?
    Its. A. Blog.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Okay so first of all, your answer to #2 is very touching for me. #3, I was just waiting (“sucking” in my breath) for you to make a vacuum reference from my HER parody, but alas, I suppose we need to move on to other material now, don’t we “partner?” Also, with regards to Fave Comic, I meant “Funny Person who stands up at a mic to make you laugh.” I am amazed how many people think I meant what you thought I meant – – therefore I am promptly re-wording that one. And #7, your mother doesn’t really “hate your guts?” Where’s your 😉 for that one?? I know because otherwise you wouldn’t call their home, your home. And I wouldn’t have been so touched. 😉 Lastly, thanks so very much for the compliment but #10 is for you to leave a link so I can go visit someone that you think is great and since I admire you, chances are I will also think they’re great too! But again, I’m flattered. And last but not least. Your blog is not . . . . Just. A. Blog. I almost want to slap you for that one. Almost.

      Liked by 1 person

  18. * I am not allergic to nuts, which is great, since that means that I can hang out here.
    When I was little, I discovered that I tolerate gluten and lactose and nuts just fine. They just didn’t tolerate me, and wanted to leave soon after they stopped by to visit my stomach.
    * That was when I lived in New York City. When I go back, it is still home.
    Home is also the remote, snowy area where I now live.
    It’s not somewhere where I would normally call home, though. I would be the one who answered the phone.
    * I blog (in a room with a padded floor, covered with carpet) to get thoughts out of my head, and to bounce them off the walls (not padded).
    * I especially enjoy when my favorite comic stops by my blog: you, Stephanie.
    * I am most proud of my latest post, each time I post.
    * My favorite slang is the words that I come up with on a regular basis, like putting bread in a toasterizer, and sucking up broth with a squidgy.
    * I don’t want you all to know what I call my husband.
    * I get around 40 winks each night. I can’t find an online wink/hour converter.
    * To get to know one of my favorite bloggers, click on the black bar at the top of this page, next to “Once Upon…” and make sure it says “Following”. Or, click in the box near the right end of the purple feather boa.
    * If I was blogging on 9/11, what would I have written? I write about the absurdity of the fear that people feel. My husband and I went to the mall the next day. It was vacant, for the most part. We knew of the rumors, but focused on the slim chances of being hit.
    * I never dressed up like an Arab, for Halloween or any play that I was part of. I most enjoyed dressing up as a gypsy as a kid, with full, ruffly skirts, peasant shirts (I must get me another one), and loads of cheap jewelry that clanked, unlike my blog.
    * My blog is tailored (some say, too edited), thought-provoking, and formally conversational.
    I really enjoy hanging out here. Stephanie puts a lot of belly laughs into my life, and makes me more inclined to say funny things. Thanks, Stephanie ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Grace – – just when I start to think I need to track you down and make sure you’re okay – – you surface again. Isn’t there some sort of fish that does that?? lol. Thank you for such marvelous answers! You cracked me up with the online wink converter. We’ve gotta make that! And your opening line of course, was classic. No nut allergies means you are free to stay my friend – – so true!! In fact all your answers just make me want to remind anyone reading this that there’s FAR more where that came from on WeaverGrace’s Blog – – head over now folks! She’s a tapestry of terrific talent.

      Thanks little G ~

      Liked by 1 person

  19. I take up your challenge! Sane or silly, you decide 😉

    #1 Can you tolerate gluten and lactose? What about nut allergies?
    Ans : I THRIVE on Snickers, have been doing so since I was kid; and till now I’m not aware of any symptoms. Except chronic addiction. To Snickers, of course. 😛

    #2 Where do you call home?
    Ans : Home is where I am surrounded with my family and friends! The place I establish connect with, where I’m in my element, is home to me. A place where I can, you know, “come home too”..?

    #3 Hard floors or carpet?
    Ans : Hard floors. Any time. Carpets, I feel, are way too messy. My room has lovely stone tiles.

    #4 What’s your main goal for Blogging?
    Ans : There is no goal or aim. I write (or type, depends) what I feel, and I share it. It’s just my way of putting my feelings into perceptible words.

    #5 Favorite comic?
    Screamin’ Archies all the way!

    #6 Leave the link of the post your most proud of:
    Ans : http://thegirlwhospeakstoherself.wordpress.com/2014/01/14/conflict/
    Sentimental value. These words are straight from my heart.

    #7 Favorite slang expression?
    Ans : There’s this one particular expression in my mother tongue. It’s, “Oh, pinne!” I think the English equivalent would be this sarcastic, haughty, “Oh, really”; pronouncing it as “reeeeeeeeeeally”, with a drawl. Haha. 😛 But “Oh, pinne” you have to do with one eyebrow raised and one hand on your waist. (;

    #6 Something you don’t want me or anyone else to know about you..
    Ans : That I issued a library book two years ago and still haven’t returned it..? 😛
    Or maybe that I’m from India..

    #7 How many hours of sleep do you currently get at night?
    Ans : THREE. This is what college assignments, exams, projects, competitions, debates and functions will do to you. And this is also why I pray daily that I’m granted thirty hours in a day. :c

    # 8 Leave the name (or link) of your favorite blogger:
    Ans : I guess that would be http://perpetualplothole.com

    #9 Where were you when 911 occurred?
    Ans : At home, in front of the T.V. I was too young to understand what was happening.

    #10 What was your most creative/innovative Halloween costume?
    Ans : Never celebrated Halloween. 😦

    #11 Three Adjectives to describe your blog?
    Ans : I think you could answer that better. 😛
    Umm, I can come up with only one word – Honest. (:

    Liked by 1 person

    • Wait? Are you in college or just doing college assignments? Either way, it’s insane for you to get that little sleep. I do, but I am Queen of Insomnia. I went to your favorite blogger and laughed and laughed. Great recommendation – – thank you! I gave you two more adjectives via email – – Raw and Authentic. But here’s a third – – Profound. And I am calling your librarian tomorrow. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  20. I tried responding earlier and wrote a really long response, but sometime when I was writing it my internet connection was lost and when I pressed send so was the response 😦 … so you get the short version! (Hurray!)

    1. I CAN have any and all milk products. I don’t know what Gluten is, but assume it is related with bread. I can eat bread (like millions of others). Intolerance is one thing, choosing not to is kinda stupid. And no I don’t have any allergies, at least that I know of.
    2. Any dark, quiet corner where I can be lost in my thoughts is home. It has to have internet though. It HAS to!
    3. Hard floor. I need to stay grounded, I generate a lot of static as it is :|. I keep zapping people all the time, accidentally mostly 😛
    4. Get people to smile, to think, to know more, to relax, I guess. Of course their kind feedback is a huge plus. Every follow I get puts a bit of pressure on me to write for THEM, but I intend to write for ME.
    5. Superhero comics? Superman. TV comics? Key & Peele. Manga? Death Note. Stand-up comedians? Louis CK, Kevin Hart, Sarah Silverman, Russell Peters, a bunch of others (its unfortunate I haven’t seen enough stand up comedy.. :\ )
    6. I’m proud of my blog. Some posts are stupid, some are cool but they all came from my head. Which part of my brain do I like? Is it edible? I don’t know.. As for what others have tasted and liked: http://goo.gl/Gw6lPE
    7. More of a catch phrase: “Screw you guys!, I’m going home” – Eric Cartman, South Park.
    8. My bank credentials. (I know what you meant by the question, but I found a loophole! 😛 )
    9. 7.5 hours. Sleep cycles are 1.5 hours long. So if you sleep in multiples of 1.5 you’re fine. You could sleep just 3 hours and you’d be fine. Or go for 9 hours. Don’t go for 8. 8 is bad.
    10. Too many categories of bloggers. I’ll choose one not in the same category as you (just so you get to see more awesome blogs!): http://wp.me/2AboH
    11. I was in 5th grade, in India. The news took some time to reach me, and even more time to understand the implications of it. That was the first time I knew of terrorism and the first time I absolutely hated something.
    12. Sadly, I have NEVER celebrated Halloween. Costumes though, I’ve worn. As a kid I was “forced” to participate in a play. I was a native hunter wearing only a “dhoti” (sort of traditional Indian pants, I guess) and carried a bow and arrow. When I was pushed onto the stage, I just stood there and started crying. Then I went back… awk-ward… 😛
    13. Random, Mindful (sometimes senseless), Wallpaper-y (if that is an adjective.. I just post a wallpaper with nearly every post and link it with the header image).

    Liked by 1 person

    • Sir Sid – – you had previously written something longer? Wow … I want to thank you for taking the time with THIS amount. I just love #8. I knew if anyone would find a loophole, it’d be you. Also I am picturing which people you chose to shock (literally, not figuratively) intentionally. Thanks for the links, too!

      Liked by 1 person

  21. 1 No need for a link to my favorite as I’m already at her site.
    2 Australia doesn’t really do Halloween but as for costumes when a friend turned 30 she had an add your age party – so as I was 31 I went as a 4 year old in a Little Miss Naughty costume (huh well what do you know another piece of kismet).
    3 The post I’m most proud of so far would be my first one – simply because writing it seemed to lance something from deep inside and also because it was my beginning in the blogging world -http://jenniferann1970.wordpress.com/2014/02/12/first-timer/

    Nothing ‘minimalist’ about me my little blogging buddy – larger than life and twice as loud – why say in one sentence what can be done in a paragraph is my motto.

    Liked by 1 person

  22. Well now let me see:

    1. no to those allergies but have a real fun time with dark chocolate – instant migraine (no not just a bad headache but the barrel of monkey’s day stars and regurgitating everything I’ve eaten in the past 12 months) Blah.
    2. Beautiful sunny Mackay Whitsunday’s – which our government in it’s infinite wisdom and understanding is trying enhance by dumping sludge into the Great Barrier reef right on our door step – so thoughtful don’t you think.
    3. carpet but am lusting to rip it up and polish the boards – they don’t show stains the way carpet does.
    4. having fun while learning lots at the same time – this pleasure was denied to me in school and at uni so I’ve decided to make up for it now – plus you know you can soapbox and rant and people can’t interrupt – handy that.
    5. not a fan of the comic – not enough words to many pictures – I know most people like it the other way round but I’m weird that way. If I was forced to pick one at gunpoint I’m have to go with Priest which is more a graphic novel than comic but I figure that’d close enough to save my life.
    6. ummmmmm I color code my pegs when hanging out the washing – weird huh if I use a blue one and a red one to hang up an item I end up going back and making it blue/blue or red/red.
    7. OK there would be two – ‘sweet magnetic Jesus on a dashboard’ (mainly ’cause it makes people wince) and ‘that boy/girls gene pool is so shallow you’d crack your head if you dived on in’ (OK I can be a little snarky at times – I’m SURE people consider it part of my charm).
    8. sleep – who has time for sleep.
    9. already here
    10. sitting on the couch reading as I couldn’t sleep and had the TV on with mute in the background – first thought it was a movie then well everyone knows what happened next – I don’t think I’ll ever forget that icy feeling in my stomach as I realized it was real.
    11. eclectic, fun (for all the family) and at times deeply and reverently sarcastic.

    Cannot wait to meet the others.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Jenni – – you’re the stuff the best novels are based upon! I am having fun trying to put your answers in order (but since i didn’t number my questions….I guess it was a self-made game!) Hmmmm, I don’t see a link to a post you’ve written that you’re most proud of (hard to pick from genius, right??) or a link to your fave blogger? Um, or come to think of it – – no Halloween costume either? But now I just counted up my bullets, and get 13. You however, you “minimalist” you . . . You have only 11 answers!

      Liked by 1 person

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