10 Reasons People Won’t Leave You Voicemail!

  1. cell-phone-messageThey are convinced you’re not really as busy as your message claims and will just keep calling back as many times as it takes until you pick up. And you will, won’t you?
  2. You have a completely boring and unimaginative outgoing message. It mentions your name, gives the number they just dialed (even though they can plainly see it on their own cell-screen) and discusses the sound of the beep. Dullsville.
  3. They suspect you replay their messages at important board meetings, incessantly rewinding the part where they clear their throat, while your coworkers get hysterical.
  4. TEXTING. Nothing more needs to be said. Okay, here’s something more: Phones are no longer fun if you must use them for the original purpose they were invented for.
  5. They have low self-esteem and don’t think their voice is recording-worthy.
  6. It’s going to be a highly personal and private message, perhaps even sexual in nature, and they don’t want anyone else to accidentally overhear it. They don’t even want you, the person it’s intended for, to listen to it.
  7. It’s totally a misdialed, wrong number — but they can’t wait for the beep because they’re late for a date with another hot little number.
  8. They’re vindictive and take great pride in getting back at you for stating they should speak slowly and distinctly, spell their last name, and heaven forbid you requested they leave the date and time of their call.
  9. They presumed you would certainly pick up (at least for them!) and are caught off guard, unprepared to state the reason for the call, which truthfully is — there is no legitimate reason for the call. But now that you’ve rejected them by not answering live, they’re going to torture you with an “Unknown Number” that lingers in your caller ID log for weeks, along with a long, deadly silence. Take that!
  10. It’s an old lover from your distant past, calling every so often just to hear your recorded voice and reminisce in their mind’s eye about that night on the dance floor when you pretended you knew the words to The Macarena, (You do know the meaning of the English translation, right?) or whispered together in a glitzy discotheque, “Do The Hustle!” And then actually did it. Together. Wasn’t that a lovely, innocent time in your life? Why don’t you pick up your own cellphone and call this person back so the two of you can stroll down memory lane. And if you get their voicemail, you know what to do at the beep . . . hang up!

And here’s my little New Year’s gift to you so that you’ll get more people who WILL leave you communications in a recorded fashion. Simply Click  HERE and pick your favorite snippet to use as your new outgoing message.

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25 thoughts on “10 Reasons People Won’t Leave You Voicemail!

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  3. Ha, good article. The one that bugs me is the person who leaves a message with excruciatingly slow speech until they get to leaving the number, at which point they turn into an auctioneer. I find it funny that when the recording comes on many people suddenly are unprepared to speak as if they now are in the spotlight.


  4. Whoa! Let’s back track here Steph! I have to confess I never really listened to the words of Macarena … I was more intent on getting the dance moves. I just Googled the words and received a shock. Hmmm !!! As for the voicemail conundrum … friends and family do leave messages but I end up having to play them back often as I can never hear them properly when out and about in public. And the ones who never leave a message … they have to be, like you said, secret admirers! Lol! 🙂


    • Hi Wendy! I know…. I googled the lyrics to Macarena too and was like, really?? And I could NEVER get the dance moves. So every Bar mitzvah or wedding, I was the comedic entertainment! Cell voicemail is the worst. When I play it and it’s garbled or cuts off, I never know if the problem was their phone when leaving message or MY phone when listening to message! Ahhh…. Such is life. Love ya! Steph


  5. Hate that when they don’t leave you voice messages. My sister does that. She’d call me like five times in a row at a very odd time (my sleeping time) then won’t leave a message. Me thinking she’d gone mental or someone’s in her house and couldn’t reach 911 so I call her back all worried. Then she just says, “Oh just wanted to know if you’re alright.”


  6. When I was on Facebook……phttt …… the messenger would light up as soon as I switched my laptop on in the morning, with hellos, what you doing ? etc and I hadn’t even woken up or had a coffee. Facebook is now deceased with great pleasure 😀 ❤


  7. I rarely listen to my voicemail. I assume most people are like me and don’t listen either, so I hardly leave voice messages, preferring to call back or text.

    @Phones are no longer fun if you must use them for the original purpose they were invented for, lol, phones have evolved, they’ve become “smart” 😉


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  9. My voicemail actually says, “Uncle Bardie here. I have changed my number. You can now reach me at 663-667-2873. If your keypad only has letters, the letters are mme-nop-ause. If you hear a female voice at the other end, please don’t be discouraged. It is my new disguise and not Caitlyn Jenner you’re talking to.”

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  10. Interesting! I think a lot of people don’t leave a message because they really don’t think you’ll call them back.
    You know, Stephanie, as mentally connected as you and I seem to be, I just published a blog about how prank phone calls are pretty much a thing of the past due to caller ID. So maybe that’s it…maybe they’re not leaving a message because you already have their number on caller ID!

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