I’ll Have The Menopasta With a Side of Heatballs, Please!

In this day and age, (especially at our age!) with the influx of baby boomer women reaching their mid-life years, it’s about time someone finally gets smart and opens a restaurant specializing in issues exclusive to menopausal females. Women come to these establishments for a little R&R, hence their name – – “Rest-or-Rants!”

I invite you to accompany me during tonight’s dining experience, complete from droopy butts    from soup to nuts.

As I stroll inside, I immediately detect the light strains of Carly Simon crooning in the background, “I haven’t got time for the pain…” (so far so good!) followed by a cheery greeting from the “Hostess with the Mostest…” wrinkles, that is. But how refreshing to be seated by a Menopausal Mama instead of the usual stunning, Spanxless, skinny-jeaned, stiletto-heeled, sexy siren named Savannah.

“Hello! I’m Esther Jen!” my hostess’ badge proclaims. I later find that customers too, don these cute name tags, saving us from resorting to clever recall tricks with our tablemates such as, “Okay, she chatters like a Magpie bird, so remember her name is Maggie. Wait, maybe it’s Robin?  Or Raven? How about Sapsucker?”

Next order of business — decide whether I prefer to sit in the “Fanning or Non-Fanning” section. I won’t tell you which one I choose, because it will be apparent as Esther Jen (say that 5 times fast) leads me to my table. All around, women in various stages of sweating, swooning, swelling, swearing and swallowing (pills) – –  complain to their male servers (not waiters, women our age hate to wait!) in irritated tones, while their husbands catch a break, reading Victoria Secret catalogues at home.

Thoughtful touches include:

  • napkins folded/creased like makeshift fans
  • Medicine droppers and syringes in place of silverware
  • Placemats have guided meditations printed on them
  • Plates perched on pillows for unexpected naps.
  • Water glasses refilled constantly with Icy stares from servers

Since this is an upscale Rest-or-Rant, a well-dressed woman walks around with a basket of Ice for the gentleman to purchase for his lady. Choice of Cubed, Chipped, or Shaved. For the discerning woman, room temperature ice is available upon request.

Esther places the menu before me with a conspicuous placard stating it will be left during the entire meal for use as a fan.


Specials of the Day:

Wilted Insomnia on a bed of Lettuce (lettuce sleep please!) tossed (and turned) with Mean Goddess dressing.
Black Cohash Succatash Squash gently sautéed in Evening Primrose Oil
Chicken Tender Breasts battered with Lose Your Temper Tempura
Hot Flash Sundae

Main Dishes and Sides: Past Your Prime Rib, Alaskan King Cramps, Forgetful Farfalle, Beef Swellington, SlamDoory Chicken deep fried with a vengeance, Arugula Adrenala, Nip N’ Tuck Duck with caramelized Cortisol, Taming of the Shrew Stew with rehashed hot-flashed browns, Fetchabikini Afraido paired with Beach Wobbler for dessert, Chicken Cancha FriggenSee? Accompanied by Shredded Wits with Toasted Testosterone and I’ma Crack Pot Roast served with Half-Baked potato with sex drives chives.

Beverages: Iced Tea, Iced Coffee, Iced Milk, Iced Diet Pepsi (or Irregular Pepsi) and of course, Iced Ice. Dr. Pepper is available by appointment only.

Desserts (Forget gluten free, these are Glutton free!): Muffin Tops, Pumpkin Praline Progesterone Pie, Part-Gray Parfait with Melatonin Mints, TearsofMissYou Tiramisu (the self-pity dessert)

I Scream Flavors:
Rocky Road, Cookies & Cramps, Schitzopolitan

Whine List: Chabliss, Chagrin, Chabloat, Crabbyday SaveYourYawn, and a White Sinfandel or Merlobido that will make you Blush.

As I decide what to order, a fellow diner accidentally pokes me and I awaken with nightsweat irritation before I am able to slap him. Yes it’s all been just a wild dream! But I’ll still have what Meg Ryan is having!

Hark! I'd LOVE to hear your remark . . .

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