The Blogcademy Awards (The Bloscars!) – Will You Win?

Image Credit to the who for some reason uses this word (which I thought I made up) to run a contest for Travel Bloggers. They appear to be an airline?

Image Credit to the who for some reason uses this word (which I thought I made up!) to run a contest for Travel Bloggers. They appear to be an Airline.

C’mon, admit it.  You just knew you’d find me with this Blog title today, right?  With my love of inventing Blogger Vocabularly (read here) and how I honored the Winter Olympics with “The Writer Olympics” (read here) and Super Bowl Sunday (read here) then it follows there must be an event called “The Bloscars.”

Now let’s walk the Red-Carpet and enter the actual Post to see the grandeur that awaits, shall we?  Beware of the Blogarazzi with their blinding camera flashes, whoops and hollers.  Smile nicely, with that odd, “look over your shoulder at who-the-hell-knows what” type of pose.  Maybe all bloggers should keep looking over their shoulder for the next odd thing to happen to them?photo-217


Welcome! First of all – – instead of Ellen Degeneres and pizza, you’re stuck with me serving Blogdogs on Buns. Children Bloggers get CornBlogs.  Sorry.  I won’t pass a hat around for $ contributions, but please don’t blog one single word about how I didn’t take into account alternative meal options for Blegetarians and Blegans.  We like our blogs meaty here!  i.e. – – “Where’s the Beef  Blog ??”

photo-216Insert your Favorite Opening Dance Sequence Here to the left.  Idina Menzel (pronounce it however you like, but give John Travolta a break- – he’s barely “Staying Alive” since his Saturday Night Fever stint) can also sing “Let It Go” from the animated film, Frozen, which is what happens to Bloggers who refresh their Stats page too much.  Their computer freezes.

And yes, there will be a Selfie Photo Contest, so let’s take down Twitter…Wordpress!  No WordPressure, but please take a photo of the front page of your Blog the way that it looks on your laptop/computer with you (the proud Blog creator!)  in the photo as well.  Shy, retiring, inhibited, insecure, and/or paranoid Bloggers (that would be me) feel free to just portray your blog alone, without any human in the pic.   Put the photo or a link to the photo (since I don’t know if it’s even possible to post a photo here?  Some of the higher-tech Bloggers will tell me, no doubt) in the comments section and the winner (based on the most eye-catching, creative photo) will receive two movie passes. (or the equivalent of such, on an Amazon Gift Card)  Deadline will be this Friday, the 7th of March to post Selfie photos and a winner will be picked and prize awarded on my birthday, March 12th.  Since I will have nothing better to do on that day, other than to sob about turning 50.

And Now . . . The Blotion Picture Blogcademy Proudly Presents . . . THE BLOSCARS! (think of orchestras rising here)

During the silence that follows each category,  please imagine who would deserve this particular award in your own real life world or Online world that you call your Blogosphere.  I would never be so presumptuous as to start naming Names here!  The idea is to get YOU thinking about the kinds of people (bloggers and non-bloggers alike) that you consciously surround yourself with each and every day.  It CAN make a difference.

And the Featured Categories Are ????

Best Supportive Commenter:  Who regularly leaves you lots of love?

Best Editor:  Which individual do you count on to give your posts a onceover, so you don’t get blatant errors like “onceover” when published?

Best Original Score UnderScore: (Note: Strikeovers would also fall in this category)

Best Blog Header:  Your eye was drawn immediately!

Best Blog Background:  It compliments, rather than detracts.

Best Song: (Oh!  I feel another contest coming on!)  In the comments section below, please leave the one best song (with either a Title or the well known chorus lyrics) that would best suit your blog.  In other words, you would most want to have this song blasting when someone clicks open your blog.  Give a brief explanation as to why you chose this song. One winner will be announced (same dates given for the Selfie Photo contest above) and awarded a $20 itune Gift Card.  Looking again for Creativity here and some Wordplay. (See InspireTheWorld2Day (who happens to be the first entry) in the comments section below for a clear example.)

Best Tagger:  Who gets the best traffic from tags?

Best Motivator:  Who inspires your ideas?  Which individual do you most find yourself telling to “hold that thought” for a second while you jot something down in your “Blog Notebook”  You do have one of those, right?!?

Best Brusher-Off-er:  Who changes the subject the fastest when you bring up your Blog?

Best and Worse Dressed List

Clothing is a huge deal.  I know.  Just not here. And breasts are not going to be mentioned here at all.  If you want to know why, go here.   So alternatively,  there will be no hiring Mr. Blackwell  Blogwell to ogle (blogle) and rave or conversely rant/diss any certain Blogger’s Pajamas Attire – – but the following categories will rhyme with the word “Dressed” instead.  You should nod your head right about now and see this as a perfectly suitable solution.

Best Jest:  Favorite Non-Serious Blog

Best Guest:  Who regularly has the most interesting Blogger Guests writing for them?

Best Blessed:  Whose Blog seems to have the most Gratitude or Grace?

Best Addressed:  Who takes a Controversial Subject and Nails it?

Best Confessed:  Who takes the opportunity of blogging to bare their soul, show their authentic truth?

Best Assessed:  Who is the Best Reviewer you know.  Books, Movies, Food, etc. Their opinion matters to you!

Best Compressed:  Who can blog in the fewest words you know and still make it work?  Really distill down their ideas so you just get the concentrated bottom line from them?

Best Distressed & Stressed:  Who is always having an issue?  Yes, this could be a Drama Blog, but maybe not?

Best Obsessed:  Who focuses on just one topic every single solitary time, but you love them anyway?

Best Cardiac Arrest:  Who shocks you the most with their outrageousness?

Best Nest:  Which Parent Blogger gets the most “oohs and ahs” because their love of family shines through?

Best Quest:  Who seems to have the loftiest goal or purpose in Blogging?

Best Teenage Blogger who is wise beyond their years:  Hey that doesn’t rhyme?  That’s right, just seeing if you are paying attention.

Best Contest:  Who regularly has Blog Giveaways that excite you?

Best Pest:  Who is that Blogger you wish you could secretly Unfollow?

Best Rest:  Their Blog is where you hang out when you want to unwind and relax.

Best Pressed:  They haven’t been Freshly Pressed, but you think that’s just a matter of time. Either that or they make really good freshly squeezed orange juice.

Best Detest:  Okay, you hate their blog.  You don’t follow it at all, but you’re aware of its presence and you want them to clean up their act.

Best Intelligence Test:  Wow, are they just off the chart smart or what??  Do you even belong there as a reader?  Yep, you do!

Best Request:  They’re the Blog-Pleasers.  They will do what you ask because they want crowd approval.  But do you really know what they’re about?

Best Impressed: They are the equivalent of the  Name   Blog-Dropper who wants you to admire their Blog for the Flash, not the substance.

Best Protest:  They are never going to be happy unless they can keep blogging about how unhappy the world makes them.

Best Mae West:  “Why don’t you come up and see me sometime?”  That’s right, I finally ran out of rhymes that had any connection to blogging! And besides we needed a real movie star right about now.

Along with leaving a comment, Please don’t forget to enter one or both contests above (Selfie & Song) and we’ll see you next year at the BLOSCARS! Also signing up to follow my blog will guarantee you won’t miss the next time I get zany enough to decide to bizarrely tie a Giveaway Contest with a Posting Topic.

74 thoughts on “The Blogcademy Awards (The Bloscars!) – Will You Win?

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  2. Ok, for Best Confessed: I would like to nominate Matt from “Must Be This Tall to Ride”. Wow, he is painfully honest about some tough subjects.

    Also, I don’t know if this is against the rules, but I nominate you for Best Supportive Commenter. Thanks for all your supportive comments (I’m sure I’m not the only one to feel this way!).



    • Oh!!! How did you find Matt? Isn’t he the greatest? I actually just referred my ex to his blog and he’s following him as well! And thank you kindly for that sweet nomination – – when I read wonderful work, I get a little overtaken with effusive enthusiasm. I just love language so very much! It’s magic for me. Sometimes I’ll reread my comments after they post and think, “oy! Why can’t there be an edit button for my comment!”


      • Don’t edit your replies! I love *love* LOVE your replies. Sometimes they are the best part of my day. Especially when babies are fussy and loud (when I say babies, really, I just mean the toddler).

        On the right side of the WordPress reader is a You May Like column. I saw Matt with an itty bitty description that said ‘followed by bloggers you follow’ (which honestly sounds a little cultish) so I thought I’d check it out. I’m glad I did. He’s great.

        Happy bday party day! Have a great time!


        Liked by 1 person

        • Thanks you – – Right now, I’m washing my hair now and trying to figure out how to undo any of the moderness, currentness, cuteness that the salon put into it and get it back to 80’s frump so i can show up at my party looking like – – me!

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  3. Ok, my Official Entry for Best Song:

    Don’t Stop (Color on the Walls) by Foster the People

    I chose it because the singer/song writer said he wanted to write “about what a four-year-old would do if they ruled the world.” I like how the song captures the exuberance, innocence, tyranny, and fearlessness of the very young. And I like the idea of coloring on the walls to break rules and also, because art can happen anywhere.

    Here’s the video, which I think is just ok, but highlights include the fact that it co-stars the fabulous Gabourey Sidibe and a sweet car crash through paint cans.

    lyrics can be found here:



  4. well now it depends on the section doesn’t it. In the general scheme of things I would suggest “Take it Easy” by the Eagles however when coming to the Rant section of my blog “Do you hear the people sing” from Les Mis would be good. Nothing like the stirring strains of revolution to back a good old fashioned anti-government rant.


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  8. Whoa! This is a tricky one. But after much musing, I decided the award for Best Song for the UW blog must go to “End of the Line” by the Traveling Wilburys.

    And you, my dear, win the award for Best Supportive Commenter.


    • UW – – You’re a dear to say that! But you don’t need any of my support, that’s for sure. I just try to insidiously convince you to post more often by letting you know the truth of my state of mind – – Which is that I hang on to your every word. So, Is it working?

      PS. I would like to make this your official entry into the Song Contest. So all you need to do is give the reason why you think (after much musing!) that should be YOUR song. Hint: This part is where the crux (thrust?) of the contest actually is. Your creative justification for why (and how) this song applies to you and your blog.


  9. Best Supportive Commenter: WeaverGrace. She posts more comments on my blog than anyone else.

    Best Editor: choosing between word maps, dictionaries, thesauruses, word clouds and tag analyzers, grammar and spelling software and websites, text-to-speech software, and plagiarism checkers, I had to use a random selection program. The problem is that the winner changed each time I refreshed my screen, so I picked my husband, who is always refreshing 🙂

    Best Strikeout: killing your Write Mean Girl

    Best Song: This Girl Is On Fire at inspiretheworld2day. I don’t think I’ve heard the song, but the title and her reasons work for me.

    Best Jest: is the one – seriously. Most “humorous” blogs make me sigh, roll my eyes, and X-it.

    Best Blessed: obviously, has the most Grace.

    Now I’ll introduce you to new contenders:

    Best Guest and Best Addressed: for credible, world-famous guests who address controversial issues from a progressive perspective

    Best Obsessed: last place: obsesses about nothing and posts about the universe

    Best Nest: is a place where I would love to live…if it was within an hour of a major city.

    Best Rest: is my favorite place to go to see photographs. The best artists are crazy, right?

    Best Contest: – the prize is the inspiration that comes from working the prompts

    Best Quest: for his simply great stories

    Best Intelligence Test: some day, I’ll figure out what is saying in the most cryptic posts. The blogger is a generous teacher.

    The Postest with the Mostest: gets my vostest, also nominated for the Best Compressed.

    Closing Song for the ceremonies: We’ve Only Just Begun…

    Thank you to the hostess with the mostest for being almost the closest postess to the coastest.

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        • NOBODY Puts Gracie in a corner! There you are, my dear. It said “this post needed your approval?” Absurd! I approve of EVERYTHING you write. Approve is an understatement, in fact!

          Anyhow, look what you’ve done here!! Wow! I’ll have to go thru it with my fine-tooth comb after I don’t have these three distractions around me (ages 16, 11, & 9!) Looks like you’ve given us all some great new blogs to check out!

          Now – – enter my contest(s). Please?

          Contest #1. take a Selfie of you and your blog together (or just the blog if you’re shy?) Post it (or the link) in a comment here. Start a new comment though!

          Contest #2 – Simply state the song that should play when your blog opens and give me the creative reasons why you picked it.

          That’s it! Prizes await!!



          • Enjoy your distractions! We’ll wait in suspended animation. (I’m thinking of Neil Simon’s Jake’s Women. Neil is one of the few other comedians who can get me to enjoy laughing – a great use for those amazon movie passes)

            My Contest #1 entry has been brewing. I think I know how to link here to a photo that I upload to my media library. Maybe you could extend the deadline? I have a blind and dumb phone, so I’ll have to charge my camera’s battery, clear a memory card, set up the tripod…

            I sneakily submitted my entry for Contest #2 in my Best Song nomination.

            Thanks for all the fun here! I was hoping that the other WordPressers in the links above would get pingbacks for the mentions, and then they’d come running to see what the heck you were up to, but I didn’t get a pingback, and I don’t see a pingback at the specific post I cited (though pingbacks could be hidden there), so I guess they don’t happen from comments. Oh, well. I tried.


          • I succumbed to your peer pressure…and the artistic challenge.
            Blogcademy Awards Entry for Selfie Photo Contest
            I uploaded my modified screenshot file to my WordPress media library, just like any other image that I use in my blog.
            I opened the file, as if to edit it, and copied-and-pasted the
            Let me know if this worked, or if anyone has a better idea for how to enter photos. I didn’t try Flickr…

            I like to give credit where credit is due, so: source file
            CC BY 2.0, modified by WeaverGrace

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        • They filter out comments that look like spam. I was wondering why you would suddenly moderate my comment, and then it dawned on me (this evening).

          Go to your stats (I understand that you know your way there). No, no – wrong turn. Go to your Dashboard.

          The top of one of the columns says At A Glance in a white box. The blue box below that says, “Akismet has protected your site from # spam comments already.
          There are # comments in your spam queue right now.”

          Let me out! I’m suffocating!

          Or are we no longer friends, and this is your way of unblogging me? I will not be silenced so easily…unless you delete this comment. I’ll tell you how, if you promise not to use it on me 🙂


  10. If and when I find my phone, I will post a selfie and link to it. That will be entirely for history and not self promotion. I may or may not get dressed and brush the back of my hair for it. I love this post, and you only inspired me to click away once to check my blog stats (still pathetic). Mostly I’m psyched to see who gets the awards because I need some help building up my reader.


    • What a great (nice!) comment. I wasn’t planning on actually posting out whom my own awards go to but to inspire readers to think about who they do (and do not) follow and why. Thank you so much for giving me the laugh about the selfie — c’mon back and enter!


  11. Very funny article! Since the song is fresh in my mind from yesterday, and since I don’t have my own blog (yet ;-), the first song that came to my mind is “Sounds of Silence” by Simon & Garfunkel. But for blogs in general, how about… People talking without speaking…People hearing without listening?


  12. my goodness. I don’t follow enough blogs to join your second contest. But the song that came to mind for my blog…Bad Boys, Bad Boys…what ya gonna do when they come for you. Bad Boys, Bad Boys…


    • Wait, which contest are you under the impression you need to follow blogs to enter? Both contests are solely about your own blog. One is the Selfie (take a photo of you with your blog or if you are very shy, just the blog. Winner based on eye-catching and creative photo) Second is the Song One which you halfway entered above (all you need to do is add your reason(s) for why this particular song should serenade your blog!! See Inspiretheworld2day for examples of tying it together. Thanks Miss Morningstar!


  13. Okay! I got my song! It’s This Girl Is On Fire. It would be blaring for sure, for many reasons. One, because I literally light an oven mitt on fire about once a month, 2, because I’m always burning up about something and 3) there’s always a fire lit under my ass in this fast paced merry go round life I live. How did I do?

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  14. Wait a second? There’s homework? But I’m not good at assignments . . . I always forget something important, like doing them!

    All kidding aside, this is a fabulous idea! Love it. Cute, fun, gets people involved.

    But you forgot a category: Best Hilariousness (I know it’s a stretch, work with me here). I think we know who’d win. 😉


    • Shhhhh, Miss Smartie Pants, you’re giving all the others the idea that I want something from them with this “homework” business! 😉 They’re supposed to think I am doing them the big favor by fostering their competitive spirit and community interaction.

      All kidding aside back (can you rally or volley certain “kiddings aside” between two bloggers like a ping-pong ball?) thank you for liking this little whimsy. And thank you for such a sweet last sentence.

      Your serve!


      • Wait, wait! Now I have to volley or serve?!? But gym was always my worst, worst class! Can I get a redo, a make-up, or a hashtag?

        So, a question: for the Song category does it have to be an actual song, or can it be our parody lyrics to a song? And if a parody is acceptable, do we have to parody an entire song, or will a verse and a chorus be enough?



        • For this particular contest, it needs to be an actual song (preferable the more “well-known,” the better) If you do pick an obscure one, please provide the link. The crux of the contest is WHY you are linking that particular song to your blog. So dazzle me with the connection. Any more questions? I’m feeling really useful and would love to answer more!

          ps. Parodying a song sounds like YOUR next blog post?! Yes?
          pps. Were you the type of student who always raised their hand after an assignment and tried to find loop holes and then the teacher got annoyed and assigned the whole class 3 extra chapters?
          ppsps. And I find it hard to believe you weren’t good in gym class. You look very well coordinated.
          pspspsxyz. Nothing more. Just testing your tolerance level.


        • Oh my goodness! Every time I sat today to respond to this I got interrupted: the toddler is sick and is flipping out, the baby is screaming ’cause she’s out of baba, my Eldest and First Born needs help with her homework, with the computer, with getting dinner (she wanted me to “cook” something), then the toddler, in her hoarse toddler voice says, “Pwease, I wanna popsicle, pwease.” Sheesh!! 🙂

          Ok, rant over. This may be obvious, but since this is a humor blog does the song we pick have to be humorous? Or can it be “serious”?

          The type of student who asked questions about the assignment? Ok, now that I’ve wiped the tears of hilarity from my face, the answer is No, dear God, No. Like I ever did homework, or assignments, or attend class.

          When I say I wasn’t “good” at gym, I mean I wasn’t good with the idea of having to shower afterwards and ruin my makeup. I mean, that was like 1 – 2 hours everyday of getting my excessive black eye-liner “just-so”.

          I have a two-year-old who’s mostly feral: tolerance level, pretty high. 🙂


          • Oh my goodness, forgive me! I didn’t see this comment from you until just now. Let me address your question and you still have until Friday at midnight to enter. So it doesn’t mean anything that this (my) blog is a humor blog because the song you are picking is for YOUR own blog. So pick any song (real not one you parody) that matches what you or your blog represent and post the song and the reason why you pick it. I hope this is now clear.

            I have been fully engrossed in your blog this evening, partly because the subject is so fragile, partly because now I know you more, and partly because your sentences glisten and sparkle, but it’s made me rather melancholy tonight.

            You were extremely courageous to go thru what you did, day in and day out. I understand, “What choice did you have?” But afterwards, I think I would have collapsed. Maybe not. But maybe.

            Will comment soon.


            • Thank you so much. Really, I appreciate that, even though you’re so busy, you take the time to read what I write and also respond to my novel-length comments. Sorry if what I wrote made you melancholy, I tried to end on a high note, but was suffering from a touch of the ennui when I wrote it.



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