I Hate Annie and Her Stupid Song!

sunshineYeah, yeah, I guess it’s a given that “The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow!”  And then there’s all those Beatles hits . . .  “Here Comes The Sun!” or  “Good Day Sunshine!”  or “I’ll Follow The Sun!” But quite honestly, I am just burnt out!  At this point, I don’t even like Sonny (from Sonny and Cher!)

Apologies to the rest of you who live in climates where you would give anything to sunbathe, but in Southern California, we have had non-stop temps in the 80’s and 90’s since May (when we had the Firestorm wild-fires).  And here it is almost Thanksgiving, so by rights I should be able to choose whether I’d like to roast a turkey in an oven, slow cook it in a crockpot, deep fry it in a pan, or just grill it on the BBQ.  But no!  I can simply barricade a live bird in my backyard, tell guests to bring their own stuffing . . . and Ding! By dinner time, it will be seared enough to gobble down. Perhaps I exaggerate slightly, but I daresay not by much!

Please don’t leave comments convincing me how great the sun and the heat is because that just confirms why we got a divorce (sorry, that was an aside to my ex-husband who I know lurks here and is a certified sun-worshipper)  The rest of my lovely sun-kissed readers, let me try to explain — I think I have the opposite of SAD (or a summer version of it) where people NEED exposure to sunlight.  I need exposure to clouds.  I equate sun with skin cancer and wrinkles (it also depletes my energy, drains my creativity, not to mention melts my makeup!) and so on Friday, I ran off to Seattle for some much needed “gloom” and rain. Everybody knows that’s the place to escape the sun, right? And since I’ve been here, do you think I have even once sat in front of a fire with a nice cup of cocoa belting out, “Singing In the Rain?”  or  “Gray Skies Are Gonna Clear Up?”  Absolutely not!  It’s been SUN, SUN, SUN  in Washington as well.

But I did develop a nice winter cold and between that and traveling back home, I’m not sure when I will be back to post. I miss all the wonderful blogs I normally visit and I promise to return soon when I’m feeling better and not so sun-damaged.  Meanwhile, please visit an interview that was done with me recently.  Interview With Little Miss Menopause  And on Thursday, I had the wonderful honor of visiting the gifted Vikki Claflin at Laugh-Lines when she invited me to guest post.  Please indulge in her hilarious brand of comedy after reading my short post about email right here:  Female Email.  Lastly, I was thrilled to be nominated for a “Best Comedy Blog Post” by The Public Blogger Awards.  Just click HERE and scroll down to the 6th clown! Winner announced 12:01 am on  New Year’s Eve.  Guess I won’t be kissing anyone for too long at midnight!

And again please forgive me for not “Walking on Sunshine” today, even though I admit it’s a catchy tune — but instead I’m off to write my version of that famous children’s book, “Goodnight Sun!”

28 thoughts on “I Hate Annie and Her Stupid Song!

  1. I’m very late to this party … I lost control of my mailbox several months ago and still haven’t recovered. Or I’m lazy … pick one.

    Yay – there’s another person like me. I don’t like the sun. I like shade. I don’t like the feel of the sun on my skin and I certainly don’t like hot, sweaty days.

    This year we had a summer of consistent days no warmer than 25C/77F. People complained bitterly. I privately cheered.

    Ice Queens of the World … Unite!


  2. Your tirade makes me think of a Walther Mathau’s line in I Oughta Be In Pictures. He, too, complains about the excessive sunny days. Have you seen that movie lately?

    Congrats on the continuing stream of accolades flowing your way. I hope you are basking in the downpour 😉


      • I don’t think that clams like the cold, except that it preserves them for us to eat. Maybe you’re as happy as Frosty The Snowman? Cool as a cucumber? Shivering your timbers?

        “A mountain cabin with snow on the ground” sound romantic and cozy. Our brown Christmas (no, not as in Charlie) is reminding us of previous ones during which we used the grill on 50 F days, and others when the ground was frozen solid since mid November, and the temperatures had plummeted below 0.

        May your warm heart keep you toasty, in a romantic way 🙂


  3. “sun-kissed readers” Must not apply to me I’m white as snow! Hahaha you hit Washington at a rare time, usually it’s cloudy and rainy all week! If you want a proper winter you may consider going further north… it’s really hard to make snowmen out of slush! ❤


  4. Interesting twist. A bit a irony don’t you think? Sarcastic to the sun and you end up with a cold. No, certainly not SAD more like WAD (Winter Addictive Disorder). Perhaps along with the vitamin D you may just need a good dose of east coast weather. Seattle was fun. No need to run from the sun as the rain will most certainly come. I admire your tenacity.


  5. Congrats on yet another nomination. And I have to say the sun keeps chasing you, apparently. It’s cold here in my neck of So Cal. Then again, you are a queen of comedy and laughter, so I’m not surprised the Sun has a crush on you, Stephanie.

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  6. Okay I’m with you on the Annie song – it’s awful!! I’ve got a proposition for ya, how’s ’bout we trade places for a bit. It was a mere 12 degrees this morning so I sure could use a little warmth if not some sun (sorry to offend). Hope you’re feeling better. ~Steph


  7. Oh, WP without our LMM??? Please don’t desert us too long! I need my dose of laughter! Perhaps, though, we can kill two birds with one stone….you should pop up here with me for a few days! Right now it’s so cold outside even hot flashes have frostbite! Should be enough to make you hurry back to your hot weather out there! Hope you feel better soon!

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  8. Hi Steph, I commented very early this morning (my time) which is about 9 hours ago but I’m not sure where it went as it is not on your comments above. I can’t recall what I said so I’ll just wish you well and thank you for your lovely comments re: my posts. This post was ‘hot’ and funny as usual … what else can we expect from the zany M/s M. 🙂


  9. I’m trying to imagine what 7 months of constant heat and sunshine is actually like! Here in England, (despite being an island), if we get more than a few weeks of constant sun, an official drought is declared, a hose pipe ban is enforced, and the country almost comes to a standstill!

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  10. Kinda reminds me of Scarlet O’Hara at the end of “Gone With the Wind”, saying, “Tomorrow will be another day.” Wish Rhett Butler had opened up that door again and said, “Of course, it will, damn it.” Because tomorrow is always another day. With cliches like that, it’s easy to see why Rhett would say, “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.”


    • That’s great! Annie Despisers Unite! “And her little dog Sandy, too!” Just kidding, I like dogs — I was just doing my Wicked Witch from Oz impression of what she thought of Toto! Thank you for commenting and glad to “make your online acquaintance!”

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    • Hi You! That’s what I’m hoping for – – a blogger/house swap. It can be like Freaky Friday, right? And I know you did get that rain because my son attends Cooper Union there. I sooooo long to break out of So Cal and join him but alas, I have family commitments here. Thanks for commenting.


  11. Can I offer a blogger exchange programme? You can come over to the UK for some much needed gloom (drafts, leaking roof and no central heating all included to chill you to the bone) in exchange for me getting some vitamin D?
    In the meantime, whack the air-con on and hole up with I Love Lucy DVDs. Feel better soon, my lovely.


    • Thank you Miss GluestickMum! The I Love Lucy does it every time. I just need a spoonful of Vitametavegamin, right? So it’s a capital YES on the blogger exchange programme! You can come “whilst” here all you want. And I will get to wear my boots and sweaters that sit in my closet gathering whatever they gather in closets. Yes??

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