Sugar And Spice And My Gender Advice!

imagesA pregnant woman swallows a capsule shaped like a miniature smartphone. Through a special sensor, the gender of her unborn baby is accurately determined and the fetus texts its mommy saying, “Guess what? I’m a boy!!” Okay maybe not. But I’ve got some more realistic (though quirky!) ways for couples who are into this sort of thing. And apparently people are actually throwing lavish parties where they can find out what they’re having at the same time as their guests!  Please come pay me a visit as I list 10 unique ways to reveal the news and if you can leave a comment there instead of here (if it made you laugh, that is) it really helps me get more of my writing featured on these kind of websites.  Just click HERE to read me on the fabulous BLUNTmoms magazine!  Thank you and I’m back in California soon to visit all your amazing blogs!

ps.  If you’ve ever planned a Bar Mitzvah, attended one, or just wonder what the heck that is, I’ve done some humor with 13 tips on how NOT to plan one right HERE.

15 thoughts on “Sugar And Spice And My Gender Advice!

    • Aww thank you and that’s very sweet for you to say. Writing has been my passion/life since I was a small child so it’s nice to finally get paid (just a tad!) for majoring in that field in college. But above all – – all of us write because we cannot live NOT writing. Right? Of course write! 😉
      take care,


    • You are just a sweetheart for saying that and words and language are so crucially important to all of us which makes me extraordinary grateful that I found the WordPress Blogging website and that it’s led to such great people such as yourself!!!
      Hope all else is well?


  1. Great posts… I announced the gender of my child by simply saying… It’s a boy…. The fact that I was forty and finally pregnant was surprise enough for them all. Love your ideas though. I may fake a pregnancy to get guest to paint the spare bedroom though…


    • Ha! I was pregnant at 25 with my first and pregnant with my last at age 40 and I daresay there was ZERO comparison to what those two experiences were like. However, 40 is the new everything and so more power to us, right? And yes – – what must we fake to get new carpet, drapes AND paint? Sign me up.

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