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  1. Certainly brilliant and although this is humor sometimes that’s the best way to address these things with a light heart. Sometimes a firm hand is rewarding too.


  2. I hope you really did ask that about The Sixth Sense—it is so funny and such a good response to an unnecessary confessional (I had an ex send a note to my dogs explaining why we had broken up and how badly he missed them—I sent it back with the notation “Dogs can’t read.”) Life. Thanks for making it more humorous.


  3. OKay so here is yet another masterful piece from Stephanie and it has a new spin on a similar twist (and I don’t mean Oliver) There is comedy, and yet there is also the bite of sadness and truth in those five little words that are spun into a combination of feelings from whats wrong with me that I am yet being rejected to hey thats pretty funny. You have taken a serious subject and spun gold with it yet again. Cheers and keep writing.


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