Don’t Let Your Blog Sleep Like a Log!

photo-67Don’t let sleeping blogs lie, either.  It’s time to blow, err blog everyone’s mind with your fantastic writing. But that means getting your blog out there beyond just WordPress. I’ve learned that blog promotion isn’t just optional, it’s obligatory  oblogatory!  But you know me, I’m not going to just repeat all the traditional, conventional ways you’ve heard before to make your blog’s presence known.  Click HERE to read my ten UNIQUE tips which are featured on a very wonderful site called Mostly Blogging. If you don’t — well it just might always be a “blog eat blog world” out there for you, my friend.

16 thoughts on “Don’t Let Your Blog Sleep Like a Log!

  1. This is terrific I should have read this along time ago. I like the idea of getting the kids involved. I thought I would pin a little note to my child and let them act as if they are lost in the mall and on the note it reads Please announce “name of blog” to find parents. Or perhaps a sign next to the kids lemonade stand.


  2. Stephanie,
    This is amazing. Thanks so much for the exposure, the promotion, the humor, the laughter, the indecision… I STILL can’t decide which is your funniest tip. Seriously, your article was beyond great; it was brilliant.


  3. I’ve done such things as pull up my sight on all the Ipads/Ipods/Macbooks at Apple Stores, put it on the paper table clothes at a daddy daughter dance, I’ve even put it on the chalkboards at Red Robin. I know how to guerilla market baby!

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