A Wrinkle In Time (Ode To Old Yearbooks!)

fullsizerender-36Buried under my bed, a keepsake box that if opened will summon Pandora,

Lo and behold, at the bottom — my school yearbook with signatures galora!


I’m not gonna admit the year I graduated, surely you’ll guess the date,

Michael Jackson ruled, but Men At Work had a hit — so it was a G’day Mate!


My name misspelled when classmates signed, “Have a Bitchin’ summer!”

“K.I.T!” (with their 7 digit landline, no area code!) “I’ll miss ya. Total Bummer!”


And though the things we penned  were “bogus” or “rad” or bordered on perversive,

We thought we were super “gnarly” because we never printed, we wrote in cursive!


Guys in corduroy pants and girls flaunting that leather n’ lace look.

All our smilin’ pics, “Let the good times roll!” The original Facebook!


As I turn the pages thinking, “These were the best years of my life?”

The Mean Girls jump out at me and I remember all my fashion strife.


Bonjour, Calvins, Jordache, Sasson, Sergio Valente – all those designer jeans,

My mother nixed buying them, ($$) so I was just a big fat loser in my teens.


Needless to say, popular “Candies” shoes were also not in family’s budget,

So I wore cheap knock-offs thinking “It’s just footwear, I can fudge-it.”


But when it came to hair, I had it down pat — the exact way to toss it,

Mine was a perfect cross between Jaclyn Smith and Farrah Fawcett.


Whom do I kid? My locks are still long and layered today — frozen in time.

Maybe that’s what qualifies me to write here at “Once Upon Your Prime?”


Once in a while, it’s fun to dig out yearbooks and it’s great for some posterity. 

A laugh or two over hilarity and show your kids where you ranked in (un)popularity.


All I know is the “Most Likely To…” page wasn’t meant for me … The Underdog.

Unless they could vote for, “Most Likely to document it all in her weirdo Blog!”

Do you look back on high school as the best years of YOUR life? Leave me a comment with the popular phrase most used when signing your high school yearbook (Mine really was “Have a bitchin’ summer!”) and I’ll try and guess the year. Or at least the decade.



Probably safe to say this classmate didn’t win any spelling bees!


Where are they now? These Class Clowns, Best Athletes and Most Likely To Succeeds??

19 thoughts on “A Wrinkle In Time (Ode To Old Yearbooks!)

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  2. Oh Lordy… having gone to a French private school run by brothers, we couldn’t just rock any look. We had a dress code (but no uniform) so we pushed the limits by wearing the most “stylish” corduroys possible! Not afraid to say the year was 1981… and I was told to “keep my smile” over and over so. I did!

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  3. Thanks for the smile. I love going down memory lane and just like yourself I was totally rad in my layered hair look. Jaclyn Smith was my idol. Sadly, my yearbook is but a memory as well since my ex-husband did away with it. Lol. Then he wonders why! Hahaha. Great post!


  4. After this, I had to dig out my yearbook. It appears I was an awful tennis player and I let people cheat from me on history tests. Who’d a thought? Most used phrase in comments was wishes for lot’s of peace and love for the future…and advice to stay off the courts. Great post Bunkie!

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  5. Back in my youth – thank Christ – we didn’t have a proper yearbook,
    Just some half-meant comments scribbled in a cheap-ass notebook.
    With zits and perm and stonewashed jeans I didn’t have a good look,
    A merciful relief then there’s no cringe-inducing yearbook!


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