15 Unique Ways To Utilize A Blog Post!

blogging-success-2013-green-wood-1t4tkvs.jpgAre you boxed into a blogging rut? Blogging is far more versatile than any of us realize. Having a blog gives you the ability (and freedom!) to express, entertain, earn, educate, enrich, empower, eliminate, elevate, enlighten, encourage, extricate, expose, and even end something! And those are just the E’s.

15 Unusual Things To Do With a Blog Post! (with hyperlinks to my examples)

  1. CONFESSION:  It’s good for the soul. Write a post where you confide to your blog things you might only write in your personal diary. Everybody loves a secret! Then dramatically hover your finger over the “Publish” button, count to three (deep breath!) and click! What’s the worst that can happen? Try it . . . it’s very freeing!
  2. SUPPORT:  Use your blog to help others who need something. You’ve heard of the “Make a Wish” Foundation? Why do you have to have proof of a fatal illness to make a wish? Aren’t we all going to be six feet under one day? Ask each of your friends/family for one wish and then post them on your blog. You’ll be surprised how many wish fulfillment readers you may have! (PS. I wish I had a million followers!)
  3. $$$: Publish your resume and experience (no matter how odd!) on your blog. You never know where this could lead. Are you really going to turn down an offer to moonlight as an official chocolate taste-tester?
  4. VICES: Announce to the world one bad habit you have and how you plan to break it. Let everyone in on how it’s going with occasional updates.
  5. ADVISE: Become Dear Abby for a day. Get your readers to tell you about a problem. OR even more fun — just hand out unsolicited advice on your blog to anyone you know whose life could use improvement. Be sure and tag them.
  6. MISSING: Mysteriously vanish from your blog. Who notices? Stay away for as long as it takes until someone says, “Well she’s obviously dropped out of the blogosphere. Let’s reuse all her really interesting posts as our own. Hmmm, you take that one and I’ll take this one. And um….that’s all there are.”  Suddenly make a triumphant return, muttering something about alien abduction.
  7. SOUND: Your readers really want to hear your voice. Trust me, they (I!) do. Make an audio post of you reading what you’d normally put in print. (I personally don’t know how to accomplish this noisy feat because I’m old and technologically challenged, so you’re never gonna get to hear what I sound like. But let’s just say when people call me up — especially telemarketers– when I answer, they ask if my mother can come to the phone.)
  8. LIVE: Host a live event right on your blog. People will tune in to watch you get baptized, bar-mitzvahed, married, divorced, or buried. (ps. that last one is taking #6 just a bit too far.)
  9. LOVE: Describe your dream girl or guy. Hey, nobody says you’re turning your blog into a dating app, but if you’re single and your fantasy man just happens to be a reader of yours? He’ll recognize himself in your description and then WordPress will gladly pay for your honeymoon if you credit them in the wedding invitation. Yes, I checked!
  10. REVENGE: Have your significant other come on your blog and write all about you from their perspective, for a change. After all, they’ve put up with being your subject matter for a long time now. Turnabout IS fairplay.
  11. LIFEHACKS: You (yes, YOU!) have useful ways of solving problems that others want to hear about. Like “Eat Popcorn With Chopsticks To Prevent Butter Fingers.”
  12. CONTEST: Have a prize for whomever leaves the longest comment or shares your blog the most. Or when the Oscars roll around, hold your own “Bloscars” for best written blogs. The prize should be chocolate flavored, if you want me to enter.
  13. INSIDE-OUT: You’ve seen those articles on “What’s in a celebrity’s bag?” But do famous people have the monopoly on interesting possessions? Nope! Divulge what’s in your own purse, pocket, refrigerator, trunk of car, under bed, garage, or just admit what’s in your heart!
  14. INTERVIEW: It can be whomever you want. Make your grandmother feel important. Or . . . Interview yourself like I did.
  15. NAMEDROP: Everyone likes to see themselves listed in the movie credits or the acknowledgments of a bestselling book. Your blog is the second best option. Do a post and mention whomever you feel has helped you in life, Yes even the Ex, if you learned something from the relationship. However don’t turn him into an Ex by doing the actual break-up on your blog — that’s one unusual post I will draw the line at.

READERS: Feel free to add your own unique use for a blog post in the comments!

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26 thoughts on “15 Unique Ways To Utilize A Blog Post!

  1. Thank you for sharing these incredible ideas! I really thought they were creative, especially the one about the livestream, because I never considered doing that on my blog!


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