The Lame Name Shame Blame Game!

photo-250Could our given names play a large influence in the quality of the lives we lead?  Could the “perfect” Blog name give you an extra boost for success?   I am not setting out to definitively answer these questions, but I am going to probe the issues with my own personal brand of quirkiness!

My own name (Stephanie) was picked right inside the delivery room.  My parents were set on calling me Samantha, but days before I was born, the popular show depicted below was televised and the main character was named (what else?) Samantha.

Maybe I woulda had a 2 inch waist like hers too?!

Maybe I woulda had a 2 inch waist like hers too?!

Plagued with the idea that people would call me a witch, my mother switched it at the last minute.  (I secretly suspect however that it was really her fear of being thought of as “Samantha’s mother, Endora”  Remember her?!)   To this day, I wonder how different my life would have been if I were Samantha instead of Stephanie.  Samantha twitches her nose bewitchingly and casts super cool spells.  Stephanie blows her nose incessantly and sneezes a few times. (For a little extra charm?)

Nowadays, I have six kids of my own.  This means I’ve had half a dozen chances to drive my husband(s) frigging crazy over choosing the “ideal” child’s name.  And rest assured,  I didn’t squander even one opportunity!

Me:  If it’s a boy, I want to name him Mitchell.  It’s not as common as Michael, yet it still sounds “Presidential.”

Husband:  Presidential??

Me:  Yes, when he’s ready to step into that position. But when he’s a baby, we’ll call him “Mitchie.”  Then he can grow into “Mitch” as a teenager.  And finally, when he’s a Senator, he can go by his first and middle name – –  “Mitchell Harrison.”

Husband:  Gotcha.  What’s for dinner?

Me:  No, wait a sec.  It could be a girl!

Husband:  We don’t get to eat supper if it’s a girl?

Me:  If it’s a girl, I love the name Jamie  – – do you remember Helen Hunt’s adorable character in “Mad About You?”  But I don’t want her to be 1 of 8 Jamie’s in her 1st. grade class.  So I have this idea. . .

Husband:  It’s an excellent idea.  Say, Little Jamie’s probably pretty hungry right about now, so whadya say we go grab some Chinese?  Again, wonderful idea!

Me:  You haven’t even heard the idea yet. I want to formally name her Jamisyn.  That way she has a Fallback Name if there are too many Jamie’s in her Kindergarten.  Plus she can go by “Jay-Jay” when she’s a baby and can’t pronounce her own name.  I like names with options.  Don’t you?  What do you think about options?

Husband:  Options are so important.  So would you prefer Chinese or Mexican?

Me:  You’re not paying any attention.  What have you heard?

Husband:  I heard that you want to give our daughter a name that she will not be able to pronounce.

Somehow I was able to bestow all six children with terrific names (including twin boys, ‘Dustin & Benjamin’ that came straight out of the movie The Graduate – – Dustin Hoffman played the character Benjamin Braddock!) that most everyone agreed were unique, but not bizarre.  Beautiful, yet not too cutesy.  And intelligent, yet not too nerdy.

So why couldn’t I think of a name for one simple blog?

You see, I knew about the concept of Branding and even wrote a post about how important it was.  (Check this out if you haven’t read it yet.)  Plus I used to write a Humor Column for my college newspaper and since my maiden name was Mark, I had some built-in natural branding coming my way – – I could’ve called my column, “Make Your Mark!” or “On Your Mark, Get Set….READ!!”  But I eventually decided upon, “Mark My Words” and it was wildly popular throughout campus.

But then I got married and my last name became a little more “worldly” as in ‘Mrs. Stephanie Atlas.’  However, I couldn’t think of any creative way to utilize that name other than claiming to be married to Mr. Universe, “Charles Atlas.”  So much for my worldly writing.

Sadly I got divorced and remarried to just become a plain ole “Lewis.”  Now I ask you, what can you possibly do with that boring last name?  (Oh hello there, 2nd Ex-Husband!)  Certainly it does not lend itself to a clever blog name.  And when naming your blog, there are no useful charts to consult.  You know, like the top 100 most popular names for male or female blogs.  What if I named my blog something that turned out to be the common equivalent of Jennifer or Jason from the 80’s?   Or a name that boxed me in to one particular theme?  For instance, I loved the witty name, “The Blogical Conclusion,” but I never make ANY sense at all.  And I take pride in that nonsensical personality trait.  Yep,  I can’t think of a worse fate than being pegged as Logical.

One day I came across a Blog Name Generator.  You can try it here.  But first please finish reading this, lest you become addicted enthralled with trying it out and continuously toying with naming your blog some of the ones it suggested for me.  “Chesty Language?”  (Hmmm, seems Mr. Blog Generator somehow knew about my post entitled, “The Quests for Smaller Breasts?”   But then it threw out, “Challenged Notebook” or “Screecher’s Blotter?”  Okaaaay.

Bottom line – –  for weeks I went around telling people I was an “Expectant Blogger,” (unfortunately Expectant Bloggers don’t get to park their cars closer to shopping malls, and nobody throws them a Bloggy Shower with white cake and presents either.)  and then finally it was my “Launch Day.”  That’s sort of like a blog’s birthday and when the official name excitedly gets revealed.

By that point, all I could think of was that cruel famous family with the last name of Hogg who named their poor daughter Ima.  (By the way, it’s a rumor they named her sister, “Ura.”)  So I was about to just go with, “Ima Blog” until my smartass ex-husband (would that be #1 or #2?)  suggested my blog have a middle name –  – “Randy.”  That was the end of that.

Maybe I was getting too clever for my own good.  I would just keep my own first name with the word “Blog.” Clean and Simple – – “Stephanie Blog.”  Perfect.  I could even honor my favorite movie star, Mae West, and call it “Stephanie Mae Blog.”  But then again, (after this nutty post) Stephanie May NOT Blog.  Ever again!

Leave me a message and tell me how you came up with your child’s name or your Blog name.  And then try the Blog Generator and tell me what it suggests!photo-252

88 thoughts on “The Lame Name Shame Blame Game!

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  2. I loved this. It resonated so loud, my wife asked me to turn down the volume. Names, like nouns, are important to useful communication and a bad name can doom a child. That’s why I practiced with names long before my first doomed child was born. My first wife looked and sounded just like, Ellie Mae Clampett, on the Beverly Hillbillies. That was a major influence on all my choices. She liked animals, just like Ellie Mae. She let me name them. There were cats named; Kizzie Bell, Tessie Mae, and Sadie Mae. I liked the name Mae for some reason. Our Myna bird was named Effin Chicken. He was doomed. We had a male dog named Bitch. This is when I learned that names can be damning and hurtful. That was the saddest male dog I ever saw. Plus, my wife slapped me a lot when she failed to consider who I was calling to. I think I just discovered why I got divorced. Our female Irish Setter was, Misty Lou. There were many many more. The rest would be redundant to repeat. So, for my blog, I had to find some way to incorporate the word,inanity, into a name. I might have doomed myself at that point. A special thanks for pointing me here. As always, it brightened my day. -Daniel


    • Daniel! Speaking of names – – Good to call you that now! You’re cracking me up with the double name bit! And the male dog. Pretty sure there is a humor post just dying to come outa you on this subject. You’re making me date myself now (but at least you’re right there along with me) by admitting that Ellie Mae was my fave too! I even named another of my daughters Eliza and shortened it to Ellie! Thanks for taking the time to read me!

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  3. My goodness, you never fail to make me literally laugh out loud!Sure, Samantha was nice, but what if “I Dream of Jeannie” was on in the delivery room?! I haven’t met anyone who can really pull that one off. And you’re right, I don’t think terming yourself as “logical” is a great path to go- no room for creativity! I definitely feel that Stephanie is a very fitting name for you, as several sources say the meaning of the name is “crown” or “crowned in victory.” Perfect, being you’re the queen of comedy and quirkiness!

    PS. Thanks for the link to the blog name generator. It came up with “Stinky Mission” for me. Not sure what to do with that one, but suddenly I can’t think of anything but fart jokes.


    • We’re going to have to send a new blog name generator your way. Just to replace that unfitting name for you that it randomly spit out. And yes, I did used to know that Stephanie meant crown but had forgotten. I think someone in my family diluted it to just mean “garland wreath” lol. Nobody wanted me Queen of anything. But I love Quirkiness, so thank you! Your comments bring me pure joy.



  5. I used to have a friend who said he was going to have 2 kids and name them Rover and Rex. He would also have a dog and call it Malcolm.

    He didn’t follow through though, he never got a dog.

    If I was creating a fun name for a blog I’d choose Feshty o’ Semtex

    By the way, I’m brand new on here and haven’t gotten a handle of things yet 🙂

    I have one of those names that would lend itself to branding but I haven’t found anything resembling a voice yet so I have nothing to ‘brand’ … newbie ranter


    • Welcome to blogging Myimpossiblemind! That’s very catchy in and of itself! May I ask how you found this post? The Rover/Rex anecdote very funny. Are you saying he DID go that far, but drew the line at the dog thing? lol Thanks for reading/commenting!


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  8. Hm, my random blog name is Fuschia Loft, which I guess means I should start a home decorating blog or maybe an Etsy store. Either way, I’m in if it can make me millions of dollars.


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  10. Uh oh! You can’t stand logical blog names! Dare I spill the proverbial …! I had several and did a poll with family and friends and the one I have, was chosen after much discussion (aka arguments), and dialogue. Since my name is Wendy, I decided to go for the acronym www. as in world wide web. I ended up with www. i.e WendysWrittenWords. Too logical eh Stephanie! Loved your post as per usual. 🙂


  11. Good post! So funny the other day when Steve Harvey was mispronouncing someone’s exotic name and asked them, “How come nobody has names like Carol, Barbara or Denise anymore? Names everyone can pronounce!”


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  13. I like options, too. Benjamin has always been one of my finalists as a favorite, but it didn’t stick to my son. Neither did another favorite, Christopher. Or Catherine. You can do so much with those names. I like what you did with naming your twins. Clever. No Scarlet Vivian running around?

    After much deliberation, today my favorite is Elizabeth. Lizzie, Liz, Ellie, Beth, Betty, Liza, Betsy, Ella, Zab, Zabby, Lizzie Lou, Bethalina, Ellala, Libby, Libby Labby Loo, Lala, Elilili, Lilly, Beebee-beBEEbee.

    You can imagine the nicknames I came up with for my kids. Penelope Pumpkin was one of my favorites. It sounded melodic to me. My daughter enjoyed it while I pushed her around in the baby carriage. She doesn’t know about that now.

    My maiden name was Golden. I always wanted to be Goldie at camp, and felt that I was entitled to it with my name and then-blonde hair, but someone else always grabbed it first. I have no recollection of what names I came up with each year during that moment of disappointment and time pressure. Alas, I had put all of my eggs in one golden basket.

    OK. On to the Blog Name Generator. It helped me arrive at some very formal ones:
    Intelligent Blathering
    Intellectual Fantasies
    Honest Corporate Chronicles
    Analyst’s Winter Musical
    Scholar’s Magnificent Amateur Wedding Photography

    Your turn Stephanie. What would be the first post for one of these? Then, let’s play anagrams?


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  17. I know what you mean. I never liked either of my given names or the nick-name it generated, so over the years I have tried several other names. I have a legal name, two married names, a hyphenated name, a professional name, and a blog name….such is life, I can be whoever I want to be 😉


  18. “Plagued with the idea that people would call me a witch, my mother switched it at the last minute.” Hilarious… and naming… so important and sometimes the results profound or comedic. Thanks for making me smile, as usual, Stephanie.

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  19. Thanks so much for the laughs! Great writing!
    My mom named me “Ashleigh” after “Ashley” in Gone With the Wind. So I was named for a dude, but she said she spelled it differently so people wouldn’t get confused…???
    Not too thrilled with the blog generator- got “Chubby Column.” Haha! But I was eating a muffin at the time… 🙂


    • The muffin part is hysterical. Blog Generator is just spiteful! I loved Gone with The Wind actually and think your name is spelled really prettily. I was going to do a whole paragraph on “creative name spelling” but I was already so high on my word count. Much appreciation for reading and commenting!!!


  20. So funny! This was a great post and the feedback it generated was entertaining as well. Lots of great comments and stories!

    Ok, so for my first daughter, she was going to have 1 first name and 2 middle names, then a week before she was born I had a dream it should be a hyphenated first name, and several gallons of pregnancy hormones later she ended up with Shalon-Christiana. It’s a blast filling out forms for her.

    And once you hyphenate you don’t go back. So daughter #2 is Fiora-Isabella, and daughter #3 is Sophie-Rhiann. I had a panic attack in the hospital when the nurse told me how popular Sophie is as a name (Ahhhh!). I almost changed it to Isolde, from the legend of Tristan and Isolde but it was too close to Isabella and we were so used to calling her Sophie. At least she’s got that Rhiann (after Rhiannon, Jenni I’m looking at you as I type this!) to give it some pizzazz.

    I decided to go with a blog name generator that gives 30 results at once (I’m sorry! I like efficiency). My favs were: Poonce Decoherence, 5Ghoul, and Feistypidi.

    Once again, Stephanie, your post knocked it out of the park! Thanks for the laughs and the smiles. 🙂

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    • “Once you hyphenate you don’t go back!” Honestly, you must start trademarking or copyrighting! And all your names definitely have definite Pizzazz and Panache . . . so there! Good names for twins — Pizzazz and Panache! Alright, I’m getting punchy now – – I’ve been up two days straight. Thank you as always for gracing my comment section with your wit, Miss PD (Poonce Decoherence) PS. Oh and speaking of names – – I have not forgotten our email and in honor of your daughter’s name. I will sent you a notification once completed.

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      • Now I’m hoping I have twins so I can name them Pizzazz and Panache. That’s genius! I’d still have to think of a second first name for both so they can also be hyphenated. I like your twins’ names: Dustin and Benjamin! They sound just similar enough without being match-matchy. I hope they know how lucky they are their mother didn’t name them Ima and Ura. I’d be so tempted . . .

        I’m officially changing my name to Poonce Decoherence next week. It’s so classy and unpronounceable.

        ps. Thanks! That’s really sweet!!



  21. I so identify—I constantly named non-existent children. I mulled over different combinations, driving my ex-husband crazy. But then he’d get sucked in, only to torpedo my choices (“Virginia Mae and we could call her Ginny Mae” followed by “That’s a government bond.”). We never had kids. I took it out on the dogs, culminating in the current Evangeline. “What are you going to call her?” people asked. “Evangeline,” I said. Evangeline she is. But my blog? No name! You have identified a huge gap in my branding. I need to get to work.


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  23. Here I am swimming upstream against all your comments again… I agree the blog name generator has a dirty mind… I was getting some really boring crap, and then along came “Frisky Moments” — say, WHAT, now?! I swooned and came back here at once.

    I have good stories about naming my girls, but my relief is here so I must sign off. Mayhap another day.



      • Okay, sorry, I’m back online… For the record I did say “mayhap” which is the social equivalent to “mañana” which technically means, “maybe tomorrow, maybe never.”

        Ooooh… you know what? These will make a great post of their own. Don’t worry, I’m not gonna leave ya hanging; you’ll hear it here first:

        The first born was going to be either

        Kyle Peter: Kyle cuz it’s a cool name and Peter because that’s Prince Charming’s father’s middle name.


        Brandi Elizabeth: Elizabeth is my mother’s middle name and Brandi because we were still dating (not even betrothed yet) when Prince Charming and I agreed on that name because we both loved this song:

        Brandi believed for many years that the lyrics of this song doomed her to a life of unrequited love. (All indications are that it has not. Whew!)

        The second-born still had a choice of Kyle Peter or….something. We were stuck for a girl’s name. We consulted all the usual sources. Scoured the universe. Had endless discussions. We were leaning toward something lyrical, faintly Russian, and somewhat unique, without having the faintest idea what name met all of those criteria.

        One day while in the car, we were discussing it yet again when I said completely randomly (I don’t think I even knew I was going to say it), “what about Katrina?” and we were done. Katrina Mary (Mary for Prince Charming’s mother’s name) has now taken the evolution of her name three steps further to uncharted territory, but that’s a story for another day.

        Every ghost we have ever encountered has thenceforth been named, “Kyle.”

        (It’s a good thing you don’t limit the length of comments.)



  24. I named my dog Samantha after Samantha on Bewitched, which I watched faithfully every day before school for years.

    Empire for a Blueberry just popped into my head one day, and Hoot and Wise captures my boys’ personalities. Rory is what happens if you filter my real name through a particularly inattentive college student brain.


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  26. Smiles abound here! (Hey, is that a blog title?) Laughing all the way (Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells la la lalalal!) OK, too much coffee for this blogger.

    Screecher’s Dreams, says the generator. Huh. I think I’ll stick with “The Zombies ate My Brains.”

    Seriously, awesome as usual. And one of my favourites, I think!

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  27. Super post! Your writing is sharp. Love the dialogue. Your posts always make me smile ;-D Great thought provoking idea how your name affects your journey. How can we ever live up or live down a name we didn’t choose?! It’s weird to name a person before their personality shines through. Maybe whatever name we have is a mixed blessing!! Enjoyed another great visit to your superb blog.


  28. Defining ourselves in a way that will be presented for public scrutiny is much harder than doing for someone else (even your children). I was supposed to be Katie Scarlett as my first name – yes my mother was a huge Gone With the Wind fan.

    But Nan who was a big fan of god and leery of satan thought I would end up a scarlet women and so we went with Jennifer. Gran didn’t mention that I would also be a witch since she thought that Nan was quite capable of ordering an exorcism.

    Now my sister is Melanie Jane – yes from Gone With The Wind and if you could imagine the antithesis of that character in terms of calm and temperament you may have an inkling of my sister on a good day.

    Nan was concerned from the beginning due to the red hair of course and Gran was pleased as the family legacy was ticking along – once again deciding against mentioning this to Nan in case of the casting out of demons which could follow.

    Then was the complete debacle of my middle name as the oldest daughter I had to have in my name Rhiannon or the shortened version picked up during the purges Ann – wasn’t that healthy to have a pagan name in that time as you ended up on the stake.

    Gran decided that it was unlikely I would be burnt at the stake and wanted to go back to the old name, mum not so sure that Nan wouldn’t order a burning decided to go with Ann – without an E as I have been saying my whole life.

    My brother got a nicely christian name of David and since he was a boy my Gran really didn’t care and because he was born with downs syndrome my Nan decided it was a judgment of god against my mother and her family.

    Naming things is fraught with many pitfalls and I think the greatest one is when we decide to name ourselves.

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  30. Dear Ms. Lewis,

    I was really cracking up while reading this tonight. Especially laughed at “Samantha twitches her nose bewitchingly and casts super cool spells. Stephanie blows her nose incessantly and sneezes a few times.” You are so funny (as well as creative)!

    And regarding the part about “But then sadly I got married and became a plain ole “Lewis.” Well, it could have been worse. If my father and grandfather had not changed their names, you would have been Stephanie Leibowitz or Stephanie Lebovici! Now those have a nice ring! 😉

    Thank you!

    Mr. Lewis

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  31. Fabulous, as always, Stephanie.
    Naming my blog was easy. I’m the Gluestick Mum because I’m always struggling to hold everything together. People it far too much expectation on Pritt Stick.
    Naming the kids was harder. Especially the boy. We had two names in mind, but neither seemed perfect. I spent a good fortnight swinging between the two – every time I settled on one, Husband said her preferred the other. My dad then said he really didn’t like one of them, just as Husband and I decided we did. I cried. A lot. And then, to add to the confusion daughter 3 told everyone she knew what he was called and came up with a completely different name (my personal random name generator!)
    Born just before Christmas my son had all sorts of names attached to his presents. Which is why on my blog he’s Noodles – the nickname bestowed on him by my neighbour that Christmas (after Robert De Niro in Once Upon a Time in America).


    • Aha! I have been meaning to ask you about the name, Noodles. I just figured it was for the sake of anonymity and it is sooooo darn cute. Anyhow, I believe my first comment to you mentioned how much I LOVED your blog name. It really is terrifically memorable. Thank you as always for commenting and for doing so with incredibly interesting detail!


      • Part of it was to do with anonymity too…and then I go and add personal pictures. D’oh.
        Indy’s is the only nickname I made up for the blog, but as she’s a wannabe Indiana Jones and does things with trowels in fields that I completely don’t understand it seemed to fit (I wish archaeology was more like The Temple of Doom for entertainment’s sake, but should probably be relieved that it’s not as I send her off round the world on digs!)

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  32. Nice blog! I actually named my daughter “Samantha” because of Bewitched!! It was my favorite show growing up! As for my blog name–well, my full name is Ronalee (don’t tell anyone) and that is just too much of a mouthful. Plus I’ve gone by Ron my whole life….and I always tell people…”my full name is Ronalee, but you can call me Ron”.


    • I REALLY wish I had been a Samantha. I love girl names that can be “tomboyish” like Sam or Sami! But then very feminine again when you want them to be. And speaking of, you’ve got the perfect name for that as well. Ron or Ronni – – very cute and tomboyish and Ronalee, ultra girly. Thanks for commenting tonight. It’s nice when I cannot sleep to see people “out there!”


  33. I like that you cleverly skipped over your 10+ year long last name of Atlas, which definitely has plenty of potential (just like movie previews!).

    And I’m shocked you chose to share Mitchell’s name over your movie-inspired name for us twins. Tsk tsk.

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    • Hmph! LOL! Okay, I’ll just edit that right away. And I was going to go into how the nurses in the hospital really wanted me to name you twins, “Justin and Dustin” but my word count was getting too high. Nice of you to drop in and criticize though. Always welcome. Meet my son, the almost dentist! Getting him to comment on my blog (though he always reads it!) is like pulling teeth!

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  34. No matter what, your posts always make me smile 🙂

    My blog name turned out rather boring, since I don’t have a single witty bone in my body. I shoot racing, but use my blog mostly for other pictures, hence – “The Other Pictures”. Yeah, like I said, I got nuthin’

    The generator suggested either “DramaQueen’s Notebook” or “Nude Apartment”… ahem.


    • The generator really needs to mind its own business!! lol. You’re so sweet to have written your first sentence. I had a yucky day and felt very unfunny but then when I go to write, I always feel that I must pull it out of somewhere. And you’re NOT boring. And the words that I see here are always witty. Stop that! lol. See my “Mean Girl” post and get rid of yours!!
      take care,


      • Yup, I have kicked my Mean Girl to the curb, but since the weather is getting sunnier and warmer she wants to stick her nose out like a persistent weed. Time to get the weed whacker! 🙂
        PS! The generator has a seriously dirty mind…

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  35. This is good, fast paced, action packed and relevant. I always seem to take the challenges too literally so it’s good to see how others respond. To answer your question – My first born daughter (I have three) was named way before I had her as I liked the name of a shop ‘Melanie Anne’ and as my middle name is Anne I thought it fitted together nicely. The best thing is that Melanie means dark one and out of my three girls she is the darkest in colouring (not personality) and so it did all fit together!! The others got blonder as they came along. By the way I also like shopping and so does she…..Nice to find you!!

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    • That is sooooo interesting that Melanie means “Dark one.” My association of Melanie was from Gone With the Wind and wasn’t she quite fair and blonde? Scarlett was “the dark one.” lol. Thank you so much for reading this and for finding me again! I love your comment.


  36. You know what? Your blog name is fine just as is! Without that name, the Ecstasy pills on the side won’t be the same!
    The heart shaped things on the right that say “Once Upon Your Prime” are Ecstasy pills… right? Hmmm…
    You’re a good name chooser! 😛

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    • You never fail to crack me up! Yes, the “ecstasy pills” on the side (you’re the first one to even comment about them when I added them a few weeks ago!) would be meaningless, wouldn’t they. And as far as being a good name-chooser? Well, I chose Sir Sid, didn’t I? That suits you to a tee! Thanks for commenting.


      • That you very well did! I’ve considered renaming my blog accordingly to Sir SID’s Blog, but that would be a self declared knighthood… Maybe when I’ve got a hundred posts down, I could do so 😛
        Till then it could be Esquire SID’s Blog? Nope. That sounds horrible! Sadly, I’m not a good name chooser like you! 😛

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        • Wait, don’t you have 100 posts yet, my Kind Sir? And Esquire Sid doesn’t sound horrible, but Esquire is a magazine for men here in the states, so maybe not. Thank you again for the compliment – – perhaps I can open some business naming people’s blogs, books, businesses, babies and (what else starts with B?) Bottles of Booze?? I’ll call myself “The Name Dropper.”

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  38. My blog name is something my attorney jokingly called me after we’d listened to my ex’s long line of accusations. So it came easily! Coming up with a “catchphrase” or whatever was a looooot more difficult… I probably thought about it for two weeks, scratching notes an trying to boil it all down into one short thing. I quite like where I landed!


  39. Another good one Samanthanie, uh, Stephanie. I always love your take on things. I wanted to just go with my name for my blog, but when I googled it there were a few more of me *gasp* so I added my birth and adopted names to avoid any confusion. The name generator came up with ‘Smoochers Chronicles’ – got a good chuckle out of that one – well, maybe if I were still single. Can’t wait to see what you come up with next…


  40. Another winner. I suppose many look back and wonder how a different name may have changed things. Which is why I suppose many people change their name later in life. I like the name of your blog. . .The naming of my blog was not as funny as yours. . . clever generator of blog names but quite frankly I am sure you could do MUCH better. So much enjoy your humor.


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