Rockabye Hope

Most of you know that I don’t normally venture beyond my own funny bones when I post here. But today I delved back into my memory (and heart) to recall a painful period when I felt very alone/misunderstood. This was inspired by the wonderful writer “Holistic Wayfarer” who had the kindness to invite me to participate in a guest posting session on her blog about a time in our life when we felt like we didn’t belong. Writing humorously affords me the safety net to say, “Just kidding!” if I sense reader disapproval. But I’ve decided that “He Who Laughs Last Lacks Life/Love/Lushness” so I took the chance of self-exposure. If this subject interests anyone, my novel was inspired by these true life events. You can simply click on the “Novel” link at the top of my blog. And thank you again to “Holistic Wayfarer” for making this possible during a crazy time when I’ve been traveling out of state, and dealing with a million other things. She offered me the chance for a cooling catharsis. Write on my friends – – promise to visit all soon!

A Holistic Journey

Sugar and spice
And everything nice,
That’s what little girls are made of!

Snips and snails
And puppy-dogs’ tails,
That’s what little boys are made of!

What the heck are “snips”? Sounds like what’s leftover after the barber cuts hair.  Snails?  Ew!  And the dog’s tails?  As a child, this poem made me squirm.  When I grew older, I heard another one:

A son is a son until he takes a wife.  But a daughter is your daughter for the rest of her life.

Really?  Sons equal desertion?  And there’s the famous “Boys will be boys.”  Often said to justify inappropriate or violent behavior.

All these unfortunate rhymes (prophecies?) disturbed and saddened me.  You see, I was already blessed with a son, whom I adored.  But back in my twenties, I watched my mother lament that I was the only sibling who ever kept in touch with her.  My brothers…

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8 thoughts on “Rockabye Hope

  1. I remember this period well. I also remember all the trouble that crazy article gave you. I’m glad you stood up for yourself then, and of course, that we all received Jamie into our family and our lives.


  2. Adelie said EXACTLY what I was thinking.
    Thank you so much for sharing this story. I have 2 boys and I felt exactly the same way. Son #2 was supposed to be a girl. We only had a girl’s name picked out. There was a part of me that was terribly disappointed.
    I love both of my sons with an overflowing heart, but …. you know the rest.
    There is a feeling of guilt because I wanted more than the great blessings I already had.

    It’s sad that some people engage their mouth before their brain has a chance to filter the appropriateness of what they say. I’d like to believe that people aren’t intentionally mean … just hopelessly stupid sometimes.

    Congratulations on your full house!!!


  3. One can stay where they are play it safe or one can push beyond their comfort zone and find themselves bigger, better and more alive than they ever thought possible. I admire your pushing the boundaries of your writing in different ways. You are an admirable writer. Thanks for sharing your talents.


  4. Thanks for sharing such a personal, tender aspect of your story, Stephanie. I can see how, from the inside, you suffered such guilt from receiving something other than your highly anticipated expectations, but like you, I believe these things happen for a reason. Though, I’m sure you know it now, there’s nothing wrong with how you felt. Telling this story will help others in similar situations feel comfort in knowing that their feelings are very real and understandable. Though I absolutely love reading your humor, I also love seeing all of your other facets. Sharing this was courageous and a gift to all your readers.

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    • Adelie!! How are you? And your mother? I still keep her in prayers. Thank you for always looking beyond, beneath and beside my posts. You bring the better out in me! Coming to catch up with your lovely blog, asap!!


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