10 Gourmet Specialties For Hungry Bloggers!

FullSizeRender (9)I’m opening a new restaurant which will cater to Bloggers everywhere. Here are some of the highly recommended dishes.


1.  Bloghetti & Tweetballs

2. “All You Can View” Stew served in a Writer’s Block Crock pot.

3.  Allegory Albacorey Tuna on Spellcheck Spelt

4.  Hacked Halibut w/ Plagiarized Potatoes & Tender AsPUNagus Tips

5.  Posted Eggs, Edited Over Easy. Served with Permalink sausage with choice of (depending how your writing is going) Belgium Awfuls or Fancakes, drizzled with Blog Cabin Syrup.

6.  Quotation Quinoa Quiche with Jumbled, Crumbled, Stumbled-Upon Mumbo Jumbo Gumbo

7.  Choice of Mixed Metaphor Mesclun salad OR Cliched Clam Chowder – – served with a butter-me-up flaky blogroll.

8.  So You Think You’ve Posted the Holy Grail Lobster Tail? (served with corny kale!)

9.  Dangling Participle Pasta – – Garnished w/ Grated Gravitar Graphics

10. Sauteed Jumbo Shrimp Daily Prawnmpts with Freshly Pressed Garlic and Cleverly Clarified Butter

11. Asian Typing Tai Pei with Wasabi Widgets

 STARVING WRITER’S SPECIAL: Blank Screens Frank & Beans with Wordless Watermelon

AFTER YOUR MEAL, Please Enjoy . . . 

Keyword Keylime Pie

Simile Spumoni

Deleted Donuts

Ping-Back Pumpkin Pie

Published Plum Pudding

Dashboard Cheeseboard

Expressive Espresso

Italian Italicized Ice

OR . . . we could always just eat our own words.


80 thoughts on “10 Gourmet Specialties For Hungry Bloggers!

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  3. Hi there! Found your blog via the meet and greet at amomasview. As a gourmet lover, could I have a “All You Can View” Stew served in a Writer’s Block Crock pot please?


    • Depends, are you a good tipper?? 😉 Seriously thanks so much for taking the time to pay my blog a visit and leave a comment. I’ll follow the breadcrumbs back to yours! (yes, I was read Hansel and Gretel one too many times.) take care, Stephanie

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Hi Stephanie,
    I wanted to let you know that 13 people went to your site today from my blog! 13 people clicked your link! I was happy to see and wanted to share with you the good news. Off to bed. I’ve been making bloggers wishes come true all night! =)


  5. Hi Stephanie,
    Thanks for coming by my site today and commenting in my Blogger group and on the post. Exciting to see the interest.
    Funny post, as always. I subscribed to your blog on Saturday but I don’t recall seeing this in my inbox. What day(s) do you post?


  6. Just chips British fluffy deep fried chips for me cos i love them… but served withsome Chinese dim “puns” gosh I am the Best whoops was that a pun?
    Haaa thanks for the pun today*sniggers* pun I meant fun.
    Thee theee!

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  7. Some Asian Typing Tai Pei,
    can be had for lunch,
    not to be forgotten,
    is a drink of Rhyming PUNch. 🙂

    Inspiring post. 🙂


  8. Tweetballs. If you know Twitter, I’m shocked Tweetballs aren’t trending!
    Personally, I love a conventional cup of the cliched clam chowder, crackers crushed, please.


  9. Very creative menu. I can tell it is all organically contrived. For those robust eaters are they served on a laptop or for those watching calories perhaps mini tablet. Served with compliments no doubt. Delicious idea. I know what I want for dessert, ; ).


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