Famous Song Rewritten with New Cautionary Lyrics


Today I’m departing from humor to share an issue I’m quite passionate about. Almost everyone has heard the poignant melody and lyrics of “The Cats in the Cradle” by Harry Chapin — wherein the takeaway lesson is “Be careful because our children are watching our behavior closely.”

I cry every time it plays, but have always felt there needed to be a version that spoke to females as well with regards to role-modeling. I am so honored to have an incredibly gifted teen singing my new lyrics and addressing food/weight/body image issues so prevalent in our society today. Here’s the amazing Shelby Sanborn, age 17, right HERE

Please share with anyone you know who might benefit from the reminder.

Back soon with giggles…

Little Miss Menopause

17 thoughts on “Famous Song Rewritten with New Cautionary Lyrics

  1. Great song! I immediately shared it on my Facebook timeline. It’ll be a hit there, I’m sure.

    I also found it interesting to read: “It took the birth of his son for Harry Chapin to decide to turn the poem his wife wrote [Cat’s in the Cradle] into a song. Sandy Chapin explained in her Songfacts interview: “Harry and I would exchange writing of all kinds. We were always working on each other’s writing. ” http://www.songfacts.com/detail.php?id=2796


  2. I LOVE this!! Not only the message—she has an amazing voice, particularly at the grand finale. Thanks for sharing (I haven’t visited your blog in a long minute–this was a great post to return on 🙂 )


  3. What a great way to share that important message.
    I was so fortunate to have a mother who wasn’t about commenting on the outside. She preferred attention be given to the inside. 🙂


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