The Past Survives from my Vast Lives!

photo-61“Aren’t you curious about some of the unusual things you do?” asked my wacky friend Tiffany last week. (This is the same friend who convinced me to see the Psychic Channeler!)

“Curious?  No.  Entertained?  Yes!”  I hoped that would shut her up because I just knew where this was going.

“Come with me to a therapist who does Past Life Regression.”

“So I can find out the reason I’m afraid of spiders is because I used to be a fly?  No thank you.”

“Please?  She’s offering a great ‘Two for One’ special!”

“Two past lives for one current death?”

“Very funny – – No, she’ll see the both of us for one price.”photo 1-17

I won’t tell you whether or not I went with Tiffany, but here are some connections that seem more than a tad coincidental….

Little Miss Menopause’s Phobias, Quirks & Obsessions Finally Explained!

  •  I don’t like people’s pity and constantly try to cheer others up —  I used to be Eva Peron and sang, “Don’t Cry For Me, Argentina” on a daily basis.
  • I dislike playing tag in a swimming pool and get headaches from all the yelling. — I was the girlfriend of Marco Polo.
  • I like to post interesting quotes on my Facebook page and I save all my fortune cookie slips — In 530 BC, I used to be a Scribe for Confucius. I was the one who wrote “Confucius say:” on everything and then added my own interesting advice, like, “If your mother is cold, then wear a sweater for goodness sake!”
  • My favorite meal has always been an Orange Julius with a Caesar Salad.  Wait for it…. yes that’s correct, I WAS Cleopatra.  And Elizabeth Taylor really did get me down pat.
  •  I constantly tell my children to speak up because I cannot hear them. — I was Charlie Chaplin’s mother.
  • When we’re out of cereal, milk, or eggs for breakfast and my kids are starving, (eying the Betty Crocker boxes) I reluctantly will “let them eat cake.” —  I was Marie Antoinette.
  • When lecturing my daughters, instead of saying, “Go to your room this minute, Young Ladies!” I say, “Now listen here, Little Women!”  I was Louisa May Alcott.
  • I don’t use profanity or swear.  My biggest cuss word is saying, “Oh shoot.  Shoot, Shoot, Shoot!”  –  I was Annie Oakley.
  • I made sure to buy all four of my sons their first pair of suede dress shoes, in a lovely shade of blue.  — I was Elvis Presley’s Mom.

You may have guessed by now that I did in fact explore my past lives.  The most interesting thing was each time I was hypnotized and awakened, the first thing I was asked was to look down at my feet and describe what I was wearing. This told a lot about the time and place. Sandals?  An Egyptian slave.  Pointed high heeled boots?  A Victorian Maid.  The last life I was regressed to, I reported wearing these…

Were these even my size?

Were these even my size?


Could it be??  Nah.  Although I do have an aversion to hot-air balloons and green make-up.

Now if you want to know who you were in a past life, you don’t have to hang out with my friend Tiffany, you can just click right HERE and tell me in the comment section.



55 thoughts on “The Past Survives from my Vast Lives!

  1. Confucius is wise
    When he speaks, you rise

    While Marie stuffs it up
    With cake and mush

    Cleo, for a lark
    Milks even her bath

    As for Marco, he’s loco
    Just give him a pogo

    Annie is already poking fun
    Quick! Don’t blink, she has a gun!

    While Elvis loves shoes of blue
    That Moody GI will go for you.

    Though PLR sounds like crazy fun
    Make sure, if you need to, jusssst ‘run.’ 🙂


  2. If I was King Arthur, then Help Wanted: Wizard with words. Oh! Job filled by LMM 🙂

    Might you have been LMM Vincent Van Gogh? (Losing My Mind, and an earful) I’m glad that you’re sending out your artful words these days.

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  3. Stephanie, if I told you that I was Cleopatra in a past life too, would that mean that we were once the same person split into two this time around? 🙂 I was at a party years ago in line to the bathroom and this girl told me she was Cleopatra in a past life… I was sorely tempted to argue with her and tell her that couldn’t be true because I (I’d bold the “I” here if I could) was Cleopatra in a past life. 🙂 🙂


    • Yes, that’s my fondest wish, Diahann….you and I once shared a Cleopatra brain! So was this a Halloween party you attended or some girl in the bathroom line just got very ‘woo-woo’ on you? Anyhow, it’s a fun topic to visit but I wouldn’t want to live there. 😉 I very much appreciate, (as always) you visiting me!

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  4. Hilarious! I’m always deeply impressed by your wit and originality. And I do believe, kinda, in past lives. I often think I must have been Sheherazade or some such thing, for my love of Middle Eastern food and music and architecture and poetry. And because of my deliciously wobbly belly when I dance.


    • Well, well well! I haven’t seen you in ages! How goes 2015, Miss Sheherazade!? I just love that! Past lives (and life after death in general) are my new big serious interests. I am glad you took my post in the spirit it was intended, however. So wonderful to see your gravatar again!
      Happy New Year Deborah
      ps. Has anyone else ever told you when they see your name they feel guilty that it’s been a long time since they’ve cooked a brisket for their family? Probably only the Jewish guilty mothers. lol. I’ve always wanted to tell you that!


  5. As Aristotle I would have guessed also little mother Hubbard with all those kids. However, I won’t claim to be an expert on past lives but these events sound very familiar. Pretty sure you were not a guardian of the fire. You do have a very warming smile though.


  6. You know I explored this… with a local (phenomenal) therapist and Brian Weiss himself! I, too, was asked to look at my feet. I cannot swear to the reality of any of these past lives manifestations, nor can I say that the experience of exploring them changed my life in any appreciable manner. I can however tell you that either I have the best and most dramatic imagination ever, or I actually was some seriously interesting and diverse individuals!

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    • Wow Wendy! Brian Weiss?? I loved his book. Love to hear more. This was all a bit of fictional fluff but in lightly researching it, I read that they do ask you to look at your feet, so I threw that in there to make Dorothy work. Lol. The entire topic fascinates me!!


      • It is pretty fascinating (as is so much in life when viewed in depth and taken seriously). The interesting part is, whether one believes in past lives or not, it can be quite revealing regardless. I think there is truth to it, but the extent of which I do not know. My past lives and their lessons, do sum me up fairly well.

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  7. LOL. I apparently had a different kind of life compared to what I am now. It seems I was very successful. An important member of the church and served in a great cathedral. A man that ranked high up. I believe the name I was told was Quasimodo.


  8. That was so funny! You have got such a wonderful knack of coming out with the totally ridiculous, in such a comical way. i particularly like the Elvis’s num and Marie Antoinette ones! Thanks for making me laugh on this dreary Sunday morning! 🙂


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