I’m Intent to Rent for my next Event!

photo (15)Seriously? Why is this so complex?  It’s a dress, not an apartment!  Here’s my letter of recommendation:

To Whom It May Concern,

Little Miss Menopause would make an excellent candidate to wear a rental gown because she doesn’t drink and zip, she never eats anything that stains, and she has her perspiration well under control.  I can honestly say that you won’t regret letting her rock your frock.


Her Bra & Panties

Dear Readers – – Please check me out RIGHT HERE  for a humorous portrayal of how Online Dress Rentals work (at least how they work for me!) as I am  featured today on an online magazine called BLUNTmoms.  I would really appreciate you sharing and leaving comments over there.  It’s easy to do!  Thank you to all!



9 thoughts on “I’m Intent to Rent for my next Event!

  1. Stephanie I think the dress you were looking for had to come fully loaded. I’m so glad you found a dealership where the sales people were not as pushy as the renter! No doubt they pushed you for more down, but you stood your ground.


  2. This is fantastic on many levels. I have so much admiration for what woman go through for guys. There is not a writer out there that could describe it better. This was certainly a winner as are you. I like this intro as well. The recommendation letter was great.


  3. I love the authors of your letter of recommendation. They truly UNDERstand what a dress has to go through.

    I posted a comment and tweeted at the “real” article, too. Great fun! I love your sense of humor!


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